CGC Restored label Books

I submitted X-men #4 and #5 to be graded by CGC for my personal collection and was disappointed to find both books were restored. I bought these books on ebay a while ago but have others had experiences buying restored books on ebay? How do you detect restored books?



Since some restorations can only be detected by looking closely, best for the seller to tell buyers in ad. But some sellers prefer not to grade comics, so they just ask buyers to see photos to make their own judgement. Probably page trim is the easiest restoration to detect from photo.

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Black light can detect some restoration. Since most restoration is on the cover, you can look on the interior to see if there’s any “bleeding” through the paper.

I’m not an expert by any means…so I only buy graded books from CGC or CBCS If I’m concerned about it…leave it to them to find it.

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