CGC slab, book moving around

So, anyone had experience with books moving around inside holder?
Got one online recently where book actually moves around a bit.
I’ve heard conflicting things but I also don’t see how book won’t get damaged over time. The rest of my CGC holders are all snug, so I was surprised.

It can happen. Especially if it’s jolted around. They’re not designed to be shaken. But sliding around when tipping it side to side or light tapping should not happen.

Do you have pics?

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and to just piggyback on this a bit… will CGC re-holder slabs if you are NOT the person who originally got the book slabbed?

Yes, CGC will reholder slabs if you are not the original submitter.

I’ve gotten cracked slabs from ebay that I’ve submitted for reholder.

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It makes a noise and you can feel it shifting just a bit if you tip it at different angles? That’s completely normal I have several slabbed books that have a bit of wiggle room.

As far as cgc reholdering books if your not the original owner. I’ve had a few bought off eBay that had debris in the case and they took care of them completely free including all the shipping costs.

Here is video, it is inner well not comic moving