CGC SS or CBCS red label?

I’m going to a Clayton Crain signing event to get a bunch of books signed. His fee for CGC SS is $90-$105 versus CBCS red label that would cost me around $50 on average with a bunch of books. Do you think the extra $40+ is worth the yellow label for book value? I’m going to keep these books for a long time. I’m only interested in getting his early works slabbed like the Shadowman 16 and Three 42.

If it’s for the PC, go with CBCS.

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CBCS retired the red label. Verified sigs now get yellow label like witnessed sigs.


Oh, that’s sweet! I think I might go with cbcs and save some money.

If it’s for the PC, and you’ll never consider selling it, then either CBCS or just save yourself even more $$ by going with a comic skin.

BTW, in addition to no more red labels CBCS is also updating their cases to be more robust like cgc. I’m hoping the books I submitted in December get the new case. All new orders do, but outstanding orders prior to the announcement will get the old case until supply runs out.

And at this point I’m not getting mine back till November.

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Wait… you’re on 8 months and counting?

I opted for “in house” pressing…without fast pass…unfortunately they shut down their pressing for like two months…and because it’s so bad everyone that wants cbcs to press their books chooses fast pass and basically jumps the line on me.

So it was a bad luck for me situation made much worse by the pandemic.

Bottom line, if you need a press either go outside of cbcs OR choose fast pass.

But as a mercy to me…please don’t pick CBCS fast pass…

But if you’re not pressing I think turn around times are pretty good for just grading…

My books haven’t even made it to pressing yet, much less getting in line for grading…:disappointed:

I’d go cbcs even if it’s not for the PC. People tend to gravitate more towards a yellow label anyways. I know I’m happy cbcs is retiring their red labels. I have a harley slab that is red label I need to resubmit eventually.

I personally feel if you can have a signature witnessed by CGC to go with CGC Signature Series. However, if you need a signature that wasn’t witnessed to be verified, the fact CBCS will now always use a yellow label makes that very attractive. I’m just more partial to CGC, no shade at CBCS.

Hmmmm, maybe I should do pressing for CHU lounge members.