CGC submissions

I’m headed to Baltimore Comic Con in a couple weekends and planned on submitting some books to CGC since they will be there. Is there anything special to be done prior to submitting at a con? Or is it just walk up, give them to the reps, and go home to wait however many months until they show up in the mail?

I can only speak to the few times I’ve personally done this, and it helped me a great deal/made things faster to have all my forms already filled out and ready to go when I approached them. They seemed to appreciate it as well.

The biggest thing to always remember (forgive me if you know this)…be careful about submitting books together in a large batch that actually fall within different tiers. It’s not that you can’t, but it just results in a bunch of separate shipping charges/separate invoices and such. I always recommend submitting a bunch of books that all go together in a certain tier.

I like to eliminate as many possibilities for errors as I can.

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All good advice. I was thinking the same thing, filling out forms ahead.

You can do it online. I don’t think you need to become a paid member if you’re dropping off.

They have an express drop off line because there can be lines for walk-ins…and sometimes the Wi-Fi sucks and just makes for major headaches.

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@D-Rog @Devildog Do I just bring the books loose then with the packing slip and other completed pages or should they already be packaged for shipping? Thanks again. I just want this to go as smoothly as possible.

From what I have done at SDCC both times is first open an account with them since that will be the longest part of the submission.

Next, bring the books you want to submit in there bags and boards (they dont need to be in mylars or anything fancy as they will be thrown away).

Filll out the submission form there in person. If you will be there couple of days, grab the forms a day ahead and fill them out.

Take pictures of the form next to the books or individual pictures of the form with each book. That is your proof of the books being submitted. And yes you want those pictures and you never know what can happen.

As for packing, they will make sure they get there safely.