Champions #25

Hey Folks, Sleeper pick here, Champions 25, how does 3 First appearances sound for you? 3 of the most popular characters that Marvel going to spend the next 10 years pushing, this is a alternative version of Miles Morales, Ms Marvel, Ironheart, all 3 on the cover in character in costume, also their is a Battle Line Variant out their with Viv on it, Vivs alternative character makes her first app in the next issue Champions 26, get it while its cheap



Make that 4 1st appearances

Not really new characters. The Siege Parallel just alters the characters costumes in Weirdworld.


Again, Im not going to Keep repeating myself, you want the spec take it, you do t want it dont take it, im not out here giving yall spec to argue on it

Name chNges dont really seem like 1st apperances. That would be like specing on every armor Tony Stark creates. Maybe some value, most likely not.

Ease up on trying to call people out when they are inputing their opnion to a topic. You created the topic for people to discuse, no reason to get all holier than thou with comments like “take my spec”.


Which the original title told me absolutely nothing about the discussion until I edited it. A more descriptive title (now we know we’re talking about Champions #25) would have let me know if I was interested or not. Which I’m not and would have skipped. But the mysterious original topic titled J 1 Episode 1 is a complete mystery.

If ya want to have your own show, there’s Youtube, Free Blogs… feel free to start up your show and title each show however you see fit please. But don’t lead our forum members into topics blindly… you just waste their time if it’s something they have zero interest in.

champions 18 & 19 2nd prints are undervalued spec play for long term hold, 1500 print runs and 1st covers of snowgaurd. whose been used alot in last 2 years

Print run is unknown. Dont claim a print run that was never revealed.

true enough, we only know the copies shipped that month and its very likely some of the 1500 were 1st print reorders

Even knowing the “potential” print run is still a good indicator on how rare a comic might be. And if it turns out that its a huge spec win im sure marvel isnt going to pull 100k more books out and say “opps we forgot we had these”.

I use comichron to judge those numbers the same as everyone else.

Question, if Diamond (or whomever) sell out of a comic, can we assume the total numbers are the print run? Or does sell out not really mean the print run has been exhausted (I.e. holding back copies, or file copies distributed, ect.)

Generally speaking, i think the hold backs for damages/ replacements is somewhere around 10%? Not sure of the exact number Diamond uses to over order on every comic. My formula for comichron is +15%

Somewhat but how many copies did Marvel print up to distribute in other ways for issues… I’d imagine they got a stack at the office for employees to read perhaps… other promotions, etc.

We’ll never know the full print run unless the publishers state it with some type of official stamp of proof, cause we all know they could just blabber out a number as well that isn’t necessarily true.

Someone needs to befriend someone at the printing press to perhaps get them to talk numbers… :wink:

The other distribution is what goes into these multipacks…are they just extra stock at Diamond that Marvel calls back and has another company package and distribute? Thousands there unaccounted for, likely.

And that’s not even the special Walmart
Exclusive covers.

Comichron only reports order numbers, not print runs. Print run numbers are never reveaaed.

Gents, come on, its 4 new characters with new names and they look different…and 1st cover appearance…its a great spec…cheers

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Got em in dollar bin last monday

I’m this isn’t a sleeper pick. It’s a dead pick IMO.

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Oh man. This humdinger of a topic popped back up in my suggested thread.

Only one copy listed on eBay currently. Maybe because no one cared. I will say the last copy sold at $4.40. A profit of .41 cents. But after PayPal and eBay fees, it was a loss.

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Only an idiot would show his best hand at first glance. I did a trial run and the response was unprofessional. Now Business is booming for others. All good.