Cheap Comics!

Just wanted to start a post for when there are good deals on comics.

Midtown has up to 60% off #1s

TFAW has 50-75% off select recent issues plus $5 off now and $5 off in January if you spend $50 on that sale.

I picked up 5 copies of Far Sector #1, 3 copies of Black Hammer Encyclopedia #1 (First Skulldigger and Skeleton Boy) and some other random issues I needed for $1-$2.

They also had Walking Dead 193 first print for cover…2nd print for $1.

75% off Sale Comics at Midtown

Who doesn’t love the comic mint (aside from JAyClue and his disdain for store variants)?

Well, right now they’re having a 50% off flash sale on ratio variants, including some that came out today!

I like the 1:10 Star Wars #1 for cover. Also Thor #1 Scalera variant for $10.

Arrived today. Here is what I picked up for the TFAW December sale.

I had a One-per-retailer variant, but flipped it. So I needed a replacement. I think the 5th print is as good a cover as any other variant for this book, a steal at $2.50.

First Weapon Plus for a buck.

First appearance of Venom Dragon. Not sure if it’ll ever turn into anything, but 2nd print is a sweet first cover appearance. I’ll take it for a $1.

First appearance of Skulldigger and Skeleton boy. Just a one page profile, but If the series takes off these books could be sought after. Again, low risk at a $1 each.

Far Sector for a buck (ea.)

And then there’s Maude…er…Venom 19 2nd print. First Dylan in whatever form/thing he is…assuming he doesn’t physically morph into something more later. 2nd print has this form on the cover. Figured I’d grab a copy in case this issue becomes a key in Dylan’s character development. Paid cover, but if better deals come along I’ll be sure to grab a few more.

Far Sector for $1?? I can’t believe that, it was sold out everywhere at release. A bad thing about TFAW is they changed their selection and dropped prices of books during the same exact sale, punishing people who got in early. I didn’t think that was fair at all.

I’ve seen so many Far Sector #1s floating around shops on shelves for cover…I’m wondering if this book will ever take off…right now I’m thinking not without a tv show or movie announcement where this new lantern is featured.

I was told by a shopkeep that Far Sector #1 was fully returnable. He ordered well over what he normally would due to the returnability.

Comikron 11/19 reports 39k copies of FS #1, and that appears to include a 10% reduction due to return-ability. It ranked #40.

For a comparison Naomi #1 was 25k (ranked 89), with an addition 4K the following month.

Everyone has seen the eBay bucks promotion, right?

5% isn’t spectacular, but I added Rakuten 2% then I get another 1.5% from my credit card to make a purchase I had my eye on for a while. I Will post it up when it arrives as I think it has a little story behind it that some will find interesting and may spark some conversation.