Check your LCS for Inhumans #5 1998 series

In about a weeks time Inhumans #5 series 2 1st Yelena Belova has gone from a dollar binner to a $40 book. Rumor broke a week or so ago she may be the new Black Widow, and looks like people are throwing cash around in chase of potential 9.8s for grading.

It’s been a hot item for awhile now, I’ve been checking ebay since last month. Anything new in last couple days you mean? The key is getting it before the movie is actually announced, then the ship has sailed.

It has been a key for some time, but agree with Alana that it got even hotter within the last 2 weeks. The thing I found with this book:

  1. It is often grouped up in stores under/along with the “Marvel Knights” series versus “Inhumans” so make sure to look under the “M” books also.
  2. If you are buying online, look for the entire set of Inhumans versus just that issue. I found 2 complete sets of that Inhumans run for far less than the individual book is going for at one point.

eBay Listings for Inhumans #5

Here’s what the cover looks like:

I have that series. Need to dig it out of storage.

That Inhumans series was pretty awesome, Jenkins and Jae Lee!

Paul Jenkins was the only writer to make me care about the Inhumans in a solo-series. EVER.

Picked one up today. NM for $3. Flipped it for $33 already.


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