Chris Evans Returning as Captain America in MCU

Whoah…probably Multiverse of Madness. Imagine a Hydra version of Cap???

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or Secret Invasion…

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Ha! Ok, well it was fun while it lasted.

It was interesting they didn’t cite a source, that was a big red flag.

Ok, in reading more about this, Deadline reported it, so there is something to it (I know, I know everything we read on the internet is true…).

I think Chris Evan’s tweet was more playing with the fans considering it’s not official yet. I think it’s happening. Remember Tatiana Maslany’s comments on She-Hulk?

It’s gonna be a brief cameo for a joke in, “Deadpool 3,” if it happens.

That or some brief cameo in one of the multiverse movies to show him as some other random hero or something that will get a laugh. Kind of like when he was “in” Thor 2. I can’t imagine after giving him his send-off and building up Winter Soldier/Falcon that Feige would undo it and get fans used to only a certain few actors being the main people in something they want to keep going for decades.

Bring him back as the Human Torch!


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