CHU 2023 Black Friday Sale

ok folks here is the first batch of books, going up early, for the CHU Black Friday Sale. All books are NM condition bagged and boarded. Name of the book along with price and how many copies I have are listed below the photo. Shipping is extra (actual cost of shipping depends on weight and where you live.) books ship out Monday. Please respond below and I will confirm via DM

Been a while since I did a big sale. I have been squirreling away variants and exclusives just for this sale. Here is what I have:

CHU Sticker $2 Shipped help pay for hosting and other fees

Miles Morales Spider-Man #1 1:25 Variants $3 (5 copies)

Miles Morales #25 Black Cape Exclusive LTD 1500 copies with COA $6 (8 copies)

Haha #1 Black Cape Comics Exclusive LTD 200 Copies $6 (2 Copies)

Electric Black #2 1:10 GITD Variant $3 (2 copies)

Electric Black #4 1:10 Pink Metalic $3 (1 Copy)

Nocterra #1 Third Eye Exclusive $10 (2 copies)

Something is Killing the Children Pen and Ink #1 Third Eye Variant $12 (5 Copies)

Something is Killing the Children #25 Black Cape Exclusive $10

Spare Parts #1 Black Cape Exclusive Zu Orzu LTD 200 $10

Spare Parts #1 Black Cape Exclusive Bran Flakes Cover LTD 200 $10

Spare Parts #1 Black Cape Exclusive Ingrid Gala LTD 200 $10 (5 Copies)

Silk #1 Black Cape Virgin Exclusive LTD 600 Copies $10 (4 Copies)

Ultimate Fallout #4 Shattered Variant NYCC Exclusive (Facsimile) $10

Flash #124 Megacon Foil $13

Vampirella #2 NYCC 2019 Shannon Maer Exclusive LTD 500 $10

Infamous Iron Man #1 1:25 Variant $60 (2 Copies)

Carnage 1 1:25 Momoko Variant $5

Amazing Spider-Man #1 1:25 Travis Charest Variant $5

Alien #1 1:50 $5

Amazing Spider-Man #7 1:10 Design Variant $3


Nice books!

Hey @Anthony I’ll take some stickers to help support the site. You know that without this site and the info provided, my comic collections wouldn’t have those cool books. Thanks again. I’ll DM you with the info…

Thanks @Gbess will dm you with info