CHU Article Post Streak

The countdown to 1 year has begun… @D-Rog


Only 5 more days to make it to 1 year of posting every single day on :slight_smile:

@Anthony should give me a prize… like, let me pick one book from his entire collection for my feat!

You don’t need another, “X-Force,” #1, Poyo. Don’t steal it from @Anthony !

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What’s hilarious is when I noticed my streak around August of last year, Anthony had a streak going as well. Then one night he forgot to post and broke it at like 110 days straight. He had another streak up until a few days ago at 130 days… he needs to stop goofing off if he’s ever going to catch me.

I think I have one of my Marvel No-Prizes from back in the day I can forward to you…

I was wondering if the streak had ended…figured when new comics went on hold you were done for…

You just need to get a nice big CHU tattoo. Nobody is ever going to catch up with you in posts or the comments.

Nope, somehow I managed to cling on with a post per day. I was posting my weekly lockdown reads but it seemed like nobody effing cared so I stopped and just managed to post other things. :slight_smile:

Actually @Anthony still has the most overall comments than me but I think I’ve been beating him slowly each year for the past few years. Last two years my comments have slowed down though since we started the forums.

I wonder if I would have made that mark if it wasn’t for my dumb surgery back in December…Damn getting old! (shakes fist at sky)

…never mind. I would think an article streak is very different than a comment streak.

Sadly his article streak ended the other day and Poyo is taking a break for a couple of days.

Social media distancing?

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386 days straight… I deserve a break.

I’ll give you credit…you outlasted the lull comics went through the earlier part of the pandemic…I thought that would do you in.

A very well deserved break!

To celebrate his writing streak I heard @agentpoyo was gonna do another kind of streaking. HI-O!

Right! I think so

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