Chu Black Friday 2023

I have a ton of variants and exclusives I am going to list, is anyone else interested in doing a CHU Black Friday Event this year?


I have a lot of Funko Pop that I would like to sell. So I’ll join…

I could be a buyer.

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Count me in. I have a storage unit I’ve been needing to clear for a while now

I haven’t bought a book in a while so I’m all for it.

Minimum of 15% off eBay listings for CHU members who pay directly. Not all my listings are price corrected to the current market so I could do more than 15% off in those cases. Message me here with anything you’re interested in.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Here are the Funko Pop that I have available for sale. Prices are negotiable specially if you buy more then one just shoot me your BEST OFFER. Shipping for 1 will be $7 for continental US only. Sorry no international shipping. Payment through paypal only. Any questions, just DM me. Thank you for looking…

Here are some of my original drawings that I am selling. Individual prices are next to the drawing. Shipping within the US is $10. For international shipping, DM me for a quote.

Thank you for looking.

Deadman- $75

Batman relaxing- $60

Batcycle from animated adventures- $30

Raven- $30

Octo (SIKTC) drawn in a 2"x3" card-$10

Marvel Medusa (drawn in a 2"×3" card)-$25

Pochita (chainsaw man)-$20


Female Moonknight-$60

Ms. Marvel-$50

Bombdevil (chainsaw man)-$75


We’re past Black Friday, but Comic Mint has a “free $20” for books in their sale collection today. I wanted to grab this killer Spider-Punk cover, but didn’t want to pay $20+$10 shipping. That book is in the sale, so it was “free” with $10 shipping. I grabbed a couple other cheap open order books, too.