CHU Netflix Party

Exactly … although, IMO, the Web generally throttles itself based on traffic, location, etc … I was a partner in an ISP for 10 years, so, I have a pretty good grasp of how it works …

Yup and you have to think, sporadic spread out connections throughout the day compared to… X amount of more people now stuck at home likely streaming, watching shows, etc.

I work from home myself a lot of days and I notice my own connection (cable so it’s shared bandwidth) slows down around the 6 or 7pm time period cause people are coming home from work, finishing up dinner and probably kicking back and watching TV, etc.

Now one has to factor in kids are at home so online streaming is going into overdrive. It’s not just maybe one or two devices but 4-5 or more per household, whether it’s TV, tablet, laptop, etc.

But if everyone (or even half) that has a Netflix account all sign in at the same time and the “infrastructure” could handle it? Excuse my language but that’s a huge F#$K No! It just doesn’t work that way and the internet is a huge mixture of ISPs, hardware, routes, bandwidth throttling, limits, etc… it’s a complex beast. This is why the huge surge in people staying home, jumping on streaming services will cause disruption so it’s wise for them to throttle people’s connections.

Yep, this is what I call a 1st World Issue … it’s a minor inconvenience in the Grand Scheme of things these days … so, those that get a 4K plan or feed may not get what they want out of that 4K TV for a while … or maybe even 1080p/i … for my old eyes, DVD quality still looks pretty durn good … :vulcan_salute:

I’ve just found background programs on cable TV for most part this past week. Kids playing video games that aren’t streaming. I’ve been doing some gardening and starting some seedlings. Then my usual CHU work which is minimal bandwidth.

Lots of things to do besides streaming… I got a ton of books to read as well… :slight_smile:

But yeah, 1st world problems suck… I’m gonna tell everyone what I told people when I did ISP tech support years ago when they’d ask “what do I do without internet or cable TV for 2 days before the tech comes out to fix?”… "… ummm… read a book, take a walk around the block perhaps… " And to think people would get offended when I’d make suggestions after they actually asked what they can do without internet or cable tv. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Or read some comics … :wink:


Include me in that group. I didn’t have netflix for months, but, decided to sign back up during the zombie apocalypse.

It’s why I got my trades picks going up tonight… buy more trades, read more comics… trades make it so you don’t have to touch your precious floppies out of their bags and backer boards… :slight_smile:


Did you guys ever end up doing this? I would love to particpate, if you do. I like “parties”!

I had a party all by myself from 9pm to 4am binge watching Ozark season 3 last night. :slight_smile:

Not yet but thinking about this coming weekend. I tested it out and it is cool.

So it’s watching Netflix with a chat window to type in? I’m down for watching some cheesy or 80s movie to poke fun at while watching.

Gives us a heads up if you do? I thought your idea for cheesy comic movies like Ghost Rider was a fun one. I’m very bored with no human contact haha.

you got it bandrew! look for it this weekend

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