CHU Netflix Party

So there is something new and cool out there called Netflix Party. Netflix Party is a chrome extension that allows people to share a Netflix movie and have a chat room going at the same time, essentially a Live Stream of Netflix.

I tested it out tonight with some friends, watching the first episode of The Kingdom.

Since many of us are reducing contact with others, I wanted to throw it out to see if anyone wants to watch Ghost Rider or the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, dink your favorite adult beverage, and rip the movie to shreds via chat?

Would be a cool way to blow off steam and interact with your CHU brethren (and sister-ren if they are so inclined)

It sounds like fun. Not all times/days will work for me, but I’m interested at least! I haven’t seen GR andI don’t know if I’ve watched TMNT in its entirety…so I would over a fresh take if anything.

But Netflix was asked to slow down streaming so it doesn’t break the internet… :wink:

I’m down though. Hit me up when you can’t sleep at night Anthony and I’ll trash movies with you!

Do u need a netflix account to do it ?

Uhh… yes.

Yes. That is the one requirement.

Are you making that up? I heard people talking of concerns about the WWW not being able to handle the surge of telecommuters and people live streaming such that it could shut down the internet…including online banking and credit cards. Its like Y2K all over again…y2k20.

Possibly. Netflix and other online streaming services do clog the internet and while not everyone is streaming all at once, in this current situation it could cause some disruptions while people are stuck in front of their TV’s for the next few weeks.

The load on the infrastructure is the same regardless of where it comes from. People use the internet at work just as much as they do at home.

People don’t stream Netflix at work though… Not all bandwidth connections are equal either.

And that is not accurate at all…

I would of loved to do this, but I don’t have Netflix. I had to choose from Netflix or Funimation. I love my Anime so got Funimation instead lol.

LMAO yes they do. I did all the time, so did other coworkers.

I think what he means is, can’t he watch Ghost Rider through some different means and join in? Or is the chat function in Netflix?

Actually, where is the chat function? I would like to join when you guys do it.

It’s a plug-in for Google Chrome. I would launch a movie. Post a link that opens up your Netflix to the movie. You have to download the quick browser add-on. It’s pretty cool I did it the other night. Yes you need Netflix and Chrome to do it.

The EU actually did ask Netflix Reed Hastings to slow down the feeds, consider eliminating HD and / or 4K … Netflix complied with a 25% reduction …

I’ve noticed a reduction in quality to my Netflix service. The picture now briefly gets all pixelated every so often. It did not do this before. I’m not sure if there is a correlation, but it would appear as if there were.

I’ve been watching season 2 of Confession Tapes on netflix. Damn, the ignorance and ineptitude of some of these law enforcement officials is over the top and deeply troubling.

Yeah, I’ve noticed it taking a bit more time to ramp up when starting a show, same thing with HBO GO … I would have to speculate that since Europe actually has a more robust Web infrastructure, if they are experiencing problems, then the USA may also, at some point …

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You can’t speak for all employers or employees. Sure people stream but some aren’t allowed and some people actually show up to work. Some employers restrict access while others throttle the bandwidths from employees, etc.

But regardless, your statement about the infrastructure is dead wrong. While you got some downtime, read some networking 101 documentation and you’ll know why… :wink:

Because they’re lowering high definition to lower quality while also likely throttling connections. With X amount of people now stuck at home, not busy with other things in their usual daily lives, more are jumping on to stream shows, so it is impacting the internet highways…