CHU Pint Glasses and Swag = Support CHU

Hey everyone. We want to get a feeler for how many people are interested in possibly purchasing a CHU Pint Glass, the perfect way to enjoy your favorite beverage while browsing CHU and spec’ing on comics.

We have around 45-50 on hand that are available out of the 75 or so we had made for NYCC last year for the get-together (yes, it was cheaper yet not that cheap to buy more in bulk than the amount we needed for those who showed up).

So now Anthony has all these pint glasses he needs out of his basement cause he needs to fit a couple more short boxes of comics there instead.

The downside is, these 16 oz pint glasses are too heavy for First Class and being glass, the only viable option for shipping is USPS Priority which makes shipping them around $10 to $13.

We also have buttons and stickers for those who want the smaller stuff to show their love or support of CHU.

So with that said, for anyone who’s interested in buying one in which all the proceeds will go directly to CHU hosting costs here’s the cost breakdown:

Sticker (Pick a style): $2 and includes first class stamp.
Buttons (Pick a style): $3
Magnet: $4 and includes first class stamp.
Additional Sticker or Buttons, add $1 each, additional magnet $2. If you order more than two, we’ll have to calculate first class postage

Pint Glass: $10 + Shipping
Pint Glass + Fire or Old School Logo Rectangle Button: $12 + Shipping
Pint Glass + Die Cut or Round Sticker: $12 + Shipping
Pint Glass + Fire/Rectangle Button + Die Cut/Round Sticker: $14 + Shipping
Pint Glass + Die Cut Fridge Magnet (we don’t have that many so limited): $15 + Shipping
One of Everything: $20 + Shipping



The die cut magnet is the same size and cut of the die cut sticker. We’re pretty limited on the rectangle buttons (old school logo) and magnets.

So for anyone interested in CHU swag, PM/DM (that’s Private Message / Direct Message) me. Above is not every combination but should give you an idea.

This is a great chance to help support the site and get a thank you in return. All money goes to help pay for hosting (after original costs of the swag)

I will buy one of them pints and some stickers I can toss up on Hydroflasks…
Will talk soon.

Wow, you’re the first. PM me and we can set you up.

Let me know what is up with this. :slight_smile:

Yeah, let’s revive our PM we had going…