So I know the guy on the far right is Anthony, and the one smoking and handling the money is Poyo…but who is the angry face on the left?

Didn’t know you guys had your own comic, btw.

That’s Alana thinking about Cates


I was gonna go with the one who always rails against store variants (jcLu?)

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Ummm… I’'m not on the cover. I’m Secret Agent Poyo… I’m apparently in the bucket that Anthony is eating!

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That jacket says Poyo you’re not fooling anyone

I got to get the Blind Adam xxx variant crystal fleck metal bejeweled glow in the dark cover

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Limited to 600 copies…world wide! (Despite a 3000 minimum print run…)

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I think that’s Marvel’s minimum… I think Image operates a little differently.

The guy on the left literally has ‘PO??’ on the back of his jacket, and the third letter looks like it could be a ‘Y’. ‘POY?’. Agent in disguise?

Anyone who buys these we will sign them for free.

Even if it’s a witnessed signature for cgc or cbcs?

Maybe you… I’m charging $20 for mine… But I’ll draw an Agent Poyo doodle on them… :grin:

Yes I’m taking commissions for original art

I’ll write VIRUS across the heading in snot. $500 eBay easy

They need a blank variant cover. That would be awesome to get doodles from Anthony and Yourself and have it witnessed and slabbed in a yellow label.

I’d put it up on eBay and people would be like “who the hell are these two Blokes that wrote all over this and ruined it?”

Ruined? Pffttt…

FYI I am pulling a Chip Zdarski and drawing body parts all over it.