Cleaning dust off of comic books

Did a quick forum search but didn’t find any info, so a quick cleaning question.

I’m in the process of sorting my books, and had set them out for sorting purposes. Unfortunately, I had to set aside this sorting process for a bit, and as a result, some dust has accumulated on the top book - not a ridiculous amount, but still noticeable. For the books that are bagged and boarded, not a big deal, but not all of the books are bagged and boarded.

So, the question is, what is the best way to clean dust off of comic books without dirtying the covers or spines? I think I saw elsewhere a suggestion to use an artist’s brush to do this, but I was wondering if the CHU population has any other suggestions on what to do or what not to do. Thanks!

I use Swiffer sweeper pads as dust cloths for anything and everything. They should be soft enough for a comic to not scratch or smudge if you are gentle. I wouldn’t hesitate to dust books of my own with one, but I don’t want to guarantee to someone else.

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Use a Microfiber Rag. But the one uses for cleaning glasses. I have used those before on both comics and Funko-POP! boxes. Just give them couple gentle swipes and the dust will come off. Don’t rub. Just surface wipes.


+1 on the Swiffer dry sweeper cloths.

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Grab the comic and just stretch your belly out while wearing a soft cotton plain t-shirt and rub the comic on your belly… not only gets rid of the dust but also brings it good luck if you sending off to get graded! :crazy_face:

But yes, swiffer dusters should do the trick, lightly though…