Clone Wars 1 CGC 9.4 DrunkWooky/WookyWiki Giveaway

I’m going to be randomly giving away a CGC 9.4 copy of Clone Wars 1 (First Appearance of Ahsoka Tano) over on Instagram on Black Friday (11/26/2021).


Wow, cool giveaway!

To bad I don’t do social media. Not that famous to have one lol.

Cool giveaway though. Good luck to all of you who enter…


Awesome giveaway! :+1:
GL with it!

Can I enter or am I banned?

Guess I’ll get instgram finally.

You can enter, Anthony! No impropriety in that I don’t think.

CHU and DrunkWooky/WookyWiki are entirely separate. This giveaway is not sponsored or influenced by CHU. It’s a random drawing.

It’s just gonna look bad if he did end up winning :wink:

Will you have any other ways to enter besides IG?

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I entered the contest like I vote, early and often.

It’s official. You’re insane.

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I don’t have any Instagram friends… lol. In fact I don’t have any friends at all. Oh well :man_shrugging: :rofl:


Yes. Quite mad.

Yeah, me…. Hey wait, add me and I’ll add you and then we’ll at least have one to add for the contest :crazy_face:


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You don’t need to be “followed” by an account to “@“ tag them in the comments. :wink:

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Well then. rubs hands together

Well we will see how this goes