Clownhunter 1:25

There are a couple of really nice Derrick Chew covers featuring Clownhunter which I think will get people more interested in him. One for Batman 99 and one for the Batman The Joker War Zone comic. That one also has some really nice Clown hunter interior art by James Stokoe. Also In James Tynions newsletter he talks bout having plans for for Punchline, Clownhunter and Ghostmaker. I don’t buy many ratio variants but I have 2 Batman 96 1:25.


Thanks for the info! Will keep an eye out on those upcoming covers also.

It may have something to do with Tynion tweeting out that Clownhunter IS NOT Damian Wayne. I never thought he was, but a friend of mine did and there is an article on some nerd news site theorizing that he might be.

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Thanks for that information. Looks like the Clownhunter origin story is coming in Batman annual 5. Here is the synopsis. "The riveting new vigilante known as Clownhunter was a breakout star of “The Joker War”— but what’s the tragic origin of this teenage assassin? …, and is there a place for him in the evolving Gotham City? Can there be redemption for the infamous Clownhunter?

This epic tale reteams writer James Tynion IV and artist James Stokoe, the storytellers behind the definitive Clownhunter tale from Batman: The Joker War Zone #1! " (I have edited one sentece as it could be considered a little spoliery)

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Here is one of the covers.


The Batman 99 Chew cover came out Tuesday. Could have something to do with it.

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I’m pumped for this Clownhunter stuff! He & Punchline are two characters that I can say that I have been been collecting since their day 1!

I was lucky enough to grab the 1:25 variant of B96 with him on it. It is flawless aside from a small ding on the spine (can’t be seen from the front or back.) Also had to grab Cover B of B99.

Yup it’s that upcoming dope ass Chew cover. I got 2 of the 1:25 at 9.8 love the char thus far

What cover is this for…Batman Annual #5…? That’s awesome artwork. I love the Chew Batman #99 B cover too…I think that one could see demand down the road after all the shelf copies disappear. I was luck to get 2 minty Batman #96 1:25 variants for about $30 each.
I might grab a 3rd if I can find another one locally.

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Hi, yes that is one of the covers for Batman Annual 5 by Inhyuk Lee, but not cover A. This is cover A and looks like another nice Derrick Chew one.

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Nice, I like that one.

Wow, another awesome cover…thx for sharing.