Clownhunter 1:25

Anyone buying in? And at what target price?

Not me…not really my thing. Not a fan of the look.

I’ll actually take that money and likely buy the 1:25 of Liar Liar as I like the initial portrayal of her and she seems intriguing. Just my own personal preference.

I’m much higher in Clownhunter then Liar Liar.

Batman antihero, teenager cracking heads with a batarang tied to a bat. Has a darker Casey Jones feel. I’d take that over a WW villain any day.

I got in early with the 1:25 at $17.50. But if I didn’t, I would be okay at the $39 it’s currently for sale at. Better then ebay prices.

Additionally Clownhunter has the added benefit of the 1:25 being on his first app. Liar Liar the 1:25 is 762 and her first is 759.


Do you have a link for a $39 copy?


I’ve been getting the Batman 1:25 covers…most for $20, but missed Clownhunter before prices jumped to $60. My LCS was going to get one or two, but has been charging $50-$60 for them, including the Joker cover which you can get for $25 on eBay.

So when it showed up as $40 on midtown I jumped at it. If the LCS offers me theirs for
$40 I might grab it if it’s 9.8 shape and sell the extra on the chance Midtown gives me a crap copy.

After that I’m taking a break from DC 1:25s until Batman 101 when another unique character.

@Comp82 Agree that Clown is certainly a better contender.

Sounds lame, but the Liar Liar character struck a chord with me as she indicated she had a TBI/cognitive issues. Now granted, she is “Liar Liar” and could be full of crap, but I work with TBI patients for a living and that drew me to her. Interested to see if somehow her powers were initiated by a TBI.

I often look for interesting things to “open the door” with some of my patients (especially younger ones). A character in a comic with a TBI would make for a good therapeutic tool.

I’m sure in the long run I’ll buy both anyway lol. :slight_smile:


Personal connection is always great!

I got a couple from Midtown. Cheapest I’ve seen anywhere and I didn’t get a legends variant so figured I should at least get this one on the off chance it blows up. I like the character premise and design, although I know it hasn’t been universally well received.

Got what?

Batman 96 Jimenez variant

How long before Liar Liar’s pants will Be on fire?

You know that gag is coming…


I’ll bet you dollars to doughnuts Joker says that line at some point.

Liar liar is in Wonder Woman

Yes, but Joker is gonna somehow show up and say it.


I was lucky enough to grab the Clownhunter 1:25 Jimenez variant today from the LCS for $22.50. I also got the Cover A. Top, left corner has a very minor ding, but I can live with it.

Yes. Cover price. Love the cover hyped to read the A cover.

Sounds like his char and the story are relevant to the times so could be hot if a good dose of Punchline is involved.

New member been enjoying my time on the forums and learning a lot.

Anyone notice this book all of sudden selling multiple times?
Makes you wonder what the reason is it real news or a pump?

Yes this is still available at Midtown for a tad under $40, if you must have it.

Might save some FOMO pricing.
Nope don’t have any vested interest in this book just sharing like the rest of you.
But if anyone knows the ‘why’ would appreciate the news.

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I hadn’t noticed myself. But it’s likely people starting to buy up as he’s becoming more prominent in the story line now. Also, since Tynion was pumping Batman #96 as his first appearance, I’m sure most shops went heavy on this, that’s why you can still find these at retailers.