Clueless People

Oh, this was seriously heartbreaking to me as well. Just, I mean Jeepers Crow why in the world would you lay your comic flat in a printer to get a scan of the title page, centerfold or random pages?! Oh the humanity!! I sent a message explaining the damage being done by doing this and please take note of the sellers name because of that ain’t some shit. The Comic Doctor, Oh really?? You can see the strain as the staples separate from the cover in other pics.

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I’d buy that for a dollar Does this to every book pre digital so you can read every comic ever for free including Wednesday new books on Tuesday night. No book is off limits

This should be everyone’s #1 tool in the bag for comic speculation.

Holy cow! No more sitting on the John for Tony taking pics of comics Tuesday nights!

More work life (and toilet) balance!

Tread carefully though. This is a Polynesian site and domain that is straight up doing copyright infringement. They claim fair use but there’s nothing fair use when you post the entire books.

What CHU does on spoiler nights is fair use and breaks no laws since it’s snippets. We’re not giving away the books for free in their entirety.

CHU does not sponsor, support nor recommend using

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I guess Tony will have to stick to reading comics in his “office” on Tuesday nights then…


I don’t know how it works if you own the book and take pictures of it there’s a lot of discs on eBay that are allowed to be sold holding full volumes of scanned comic content. Like the Detective #27 and Action Comics # 1 from readcomics are the actual scans of a book that someone owns today. You probably have to photograph it anyways for insurance purposes. I stumbled upon the site one day because if you type Read (insert comic title and # here) on a search browser it’s usually the first thing that pops up. And it has nothing to do with CHU and in no way recommended by CHU it’s just another tool in the comic collecting bag that I’ve came across in my years of collecting.

Unless they’re licensed to sell them, it’s copyrighted. eBay doesn’t probably take action until people start reporting them.

Oh I know, I just need to make that disclaimer. You’ve written for CHU in the past so we got to cover all our bases…

I steer clear of sites like that though for many reasons, not just they’re copyright infringement potential.

Figured if post this here. What are people thinking? At least lay a blanket down.

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Graders Notes:

Slight bird poop, upper right back corner.

Splinter imbedded, lower left corner.


Makes it one of a kind right?

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