CLZ app + Covr Price values

If you use CLZ to catalog your books, you’re probably aware that they are close to releasing their detailed price guide using Covr Price’s API. Sounds like that’s happening in September, and will cover both raw and graded, as well as various levels of condition.

Here’s my question. For those that plan to use this, are you updating CLZ with specific ballpark grades on every book? They are going to have a “most common” price for books, so if you don’t add a specific grade, you’ll get that. My collection isn’t as massive as some of you have, but the thought of hand grading 2500 books feels daunting. I tend to be a stickler for condition though, so I worry that the most common price might be below the condition of many of my books.


I’m in the enviable (or unenviable) position of just starting to enter my 25k+ collection. So for me I will be including a “ballpark” grade, and I’ll likely favor the lower side of what I think it will be. The problem may be with the current actual pricing per grade that Covr Price will be implementing is that it’s based on actual sales. Which is good and bad. If it’s a high sales volume comic you’ll have the most accurate and up to date pricing possible. If it’s a low volume sales comic you could have stale or missing sales data for a particular grade. I know from discussions on the CLZ facebook group the Covr Price team is looking into options to address comics with stale or no sales data. I’m really looking forward to this partnership between CLZ and Covr Price.

I do have the grandfathered version of CLZ from back when it was a one time payment to unlock. From what I’ve read, in order to use it with covrprice values, you’ll need both the CLZ & covrprice subscriptions.

Covrprice is good for big books but it doesn’t do a great job of tracking sales for everything. That’s what has stopped me from subscribing in the past.

As far as your question about entering grades, you can update your entire collection with an average grade, like VF-/7.5 and then update the big books manually with more accurate grades. That’s what I would do.

They def miss sales especially if it’s a Make Offer accepted sales and lets say 2 slabs sold together no data. Etc…

Raw sales has been hit and miss but lets see with their new system and upgrades how much this improves.

Just like anything it’s a tool to make our lives easier.

I love CLZ, and it was great when they had GoCollect pricing for graded books. I’m excited to get pricing back in, and the addition of raw, even if not fully accurate, will be nice.

I think that’s a smart way to approach it @dPcomics. I think I’ll set the default to a baseline amount, then change the grade manually on the keys.

But, can you do a bulk assigning of a grade to existing books? I found where you can set the default for new additions. Honestly, I think I’ll see what this “most common” price is and run with that at first as my default.

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When all your comics are displayed on the CLZ app, click the little check box at the top right of the screen. A new row will display at the bottom. Click ALL, then on ‘Action’. Then click Edit Comics, and select the ‘Grade’ field and click EDIT at the top right. Then select the grade and click DONE.

(This is using the android app, not sure about IOS or desktop)

Oh! Good call. Thanks!

So I’ve been looking for a collection tracker that has prices and a good database and it seems the best combo is clz and cvrprice combo once that its integrated. I wasn’t looking to subscribe to two things but…

Sorry to hijack your thread but a couple questions- am I correct in seeing cvrprice doesnt have an import or export feature? I’d do just cvrprice but I have a spreadsheet with a lot of work done already. Plus Id like to be able to export.

Do I have to buy both the desktop/web and ios app seperately for clz if I want to use both? I had a key for the old old clz ages ago but thats probably useless if I want the prices.

thanks muchly for any insight

You can email covrprice and they will give you a CSV export if you want, I’m guessing they might import for you as well. One thing to keep in mind if you have “issues” like me, I have more than 10 copies of some books, and covrprice is limited to 10 of a particular issue.

I asked the same question about CLZ desktop vs. web vs. mobile and was told to skip the desktop version and just get the web and mobile bundle. Even if you have an old key “grandfathered in” you would still need to get a sub to covrprice in this new model.

thanks for the info! I don’t have 10+ of anything anymore so thats no longer a problem lol.

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Covrprice isn’t limited to 10 of a particular issue, I’ve got plenty in my collection at 20+ issues… Maybe the import is limited to 10, but you can definitely manually add more than that.

It sure is, I even emailed them about it and they said they would consider updating in a future update. Add a comic to your collection when you use the drop down for quantity it only goes up to 10.

Sure - and then keep adding 10s until you’ve got the quantity you need!

Hah, well there ya go… thanks!

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Anyone connect CovrPrice and CLZ today? The app now has pricing information added. I really don’t love the values, as they seem to be all over the place. And many are missing prices entirely. But, I guess it gives you a ballpark value on things.

They aren’t that accurate but it’s nice to have a general idea of things I forgot I had in my collection that are now more valuable.


definitely not perfect but cool to see the values of whats in your collection

it’ll take to time to tweak but i hope it just gets better over the next few versions

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The only thing I don’t like when it comes to “ballpark” values is what type of range are we talking… If you say my book is worth anywhere from $50 to $300, well, that’s just not useful to me. I know it’s hard to narrow down a price but ballpark doesn’t always work for me unless it’s pretty small range.

My understanding it’s not a ballpark range, in fact Covrprice said they are only using real sales data and not using a range of values based on grade. The downside is if your book in a particular grade hasn’t had a sale in a while the value could be outdated or missing.

I have 19k comics tracked in Comicbookrealm but I am sure the values are not accurate, just nice to have an idea of what is a valuable book, and track what I have and where.