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Getting pretty niche here, but I thought I would post between building my igloo and playing hockey

Anyone from Ontario/Quebec have recommendations for comic pressing and submission to CGC?

Looking for a Pro and not a weekend warrior.

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Hey! I’m from Quebec and will be interested in the answers you will get, as I have never submitted a book to CGC yet. For now I know they offer cleaning/pressing/CGC submission at but I never tried them. I would’ve invited you to discuss it over a Tim Horton but I’ve got some maple syrup boiling in the backyard shed…


I’ve been to Quebec. It was fun, I got confused anytime someone spoke French at me but once I said I only spoke English they were nice and spoke English at me.


I had just got back inside from tapping the maple trees, and flooding the pond, when I saw your post. I’m from Ontario, and have made several submissions to CGC over the last few years.

For my first submission (15 books), I simply opened up an account with CGC. I then found a presser that had a good reputation (the guy I use is based out of Oklahoma). I contacted the presser guy, who informed me that he could forward my submission to CGC, once he finished working on them. I found this scenario to be ideal, as it cuts back on back n forth shipping, thus reducing chances for potential problems. I also like that he was in OK, which isn’t too far from CGCs facilities in FL. Again, least amount of travel for the books.

Always put insurance on your parcels being sent out. As far as the CGC submission form goes, the value you put for your books is more for insurance purposes than it is for CGCs ‘tiers’. Balance that as you see fit.

I personally have anything and everything pressed before grading, as I like the peace of mind it provides me knowing I did all I could do to get the best grade possible. If I didn’t press, I think that would sit in the back of my mind for anything that didn’t hit the expected grade.

It’s fairly straightforward, and easy. Just make sure you have patience. It’s quite a lengthy process these days.


Montreal is a beautiful city, and the province of Quebec makes the best NHL goalies.

That is a fact.

I’m about 30 miles from Kingston and used to love going to the clubs when I was younger. Drinking age is 21 in New York and it was only 18 there. Fun times.

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