Cobraaaaaa! Hasbro G.I.Joe Cllassified Series

Happy this guy finally arrived from a June 26th order :joy:

Love the box art.


Nice! That color way was exclusive to that app right?

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I’m still waiting!

Love the brighter blue!!!

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Yeah I didnt even know till some people got theres in Dec.

God this line is such a pain in the ass to collect! Target Viper preorder has already been delayed twice (they’ll probably cancel) and I can’t find shit in store due to flippers. :rage:

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Cobra gets a bad rep…if only people knew what they were really up to…

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Man, this sentiment can pretty much be applied to any action figure line. Star Wars Black Series, McFarlane DC Multiverse, GI Joe. The distribution model is f&$?ed now.

The Joe’s have been the worse lately with the majority of figures being store exclusives. it’s not like 1 or 2. They have army builders as store exclusives and Hasbro between legends & black series should know better. But I see some potential change coming with the upcoming repaint release of the 1st wave RoadBlock and Scarlet etc. So that’s telling me after these Cobra island gets their release it will be released to the usual channels BigBadToyStore Dorkside etc.

Those damn Target Exclusive made it impossible to army build. Very frustrating…but hoping the re-releases make up for it.

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To hell with Hasbro and that Joe line.
“Hey, let’s make the most popular characters and army building figures Target exclusives!”

At least with some of the other lines I feel like there is a chance.

Here’s a new one. One of the 2 Vipers I managed to preorder, changed from “backordered” to “preparing to ship” Monday. Today it’s back to “backordered” …WTF!

I know I’m going down the whole conspiracy theory avenue…but I really do wonder how many of these exclusive items are being backdoored. A few bucks is not really worth folks time, but these GI JOE Target Exclusives are pretty big money on the secondary market now (as well of some of the other lines exclusives at other places).

Exclusive is just a marketing term to make people feel like they’re buying something special… but yes, usually “exclusive” details that it’s only available from the retailer claiming it’s exclusive. So in the terms of this being exclusive, it is, because it’s only being sold by Target in that sense more than likely.

They need to change the terminology from exclusive to elusive…

If an “exclusive” is a dud, expect it to show up at entertainmentearth 6-12 months later. Mandalorian Heavy Infantry and Ig-11 ended up there from Best Buy.

Target Exclusives up for preorder:

G.I. Joe Classified Series Alvin “Breaker” Kibbey with RAM Cycle

G.I. Joe Classified Series Gabriel “Barbecue” Kelly Action Figure

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Appreciate the heads up!! Was able to grab 1 of each!! Finally!!

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@monopolyjackson Thank you very much! Barbecue was always a favorite of mine. Fond of Breaker as I was a radio operator myself in the Corps lol. Didn’t constantly chew bubblegum like him though!

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You guys are welcome.

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