Collapser #1

In the midst of the amazing SDCC reveals, I think this book fell off to the wayside. This book introduces a new hero that seemingly has a Black Hole in his chest. Will he have the actual powers of a black hole? We’ll have to wait until issue 2. Cover B sold out at Midtown (and it was 1 per limit), and Cover A sold out at TFAW. Both covers are available on My Comic Shop and probably your LCS.

Havent read it yet, but I picked it up. First appearance at cover price, I almost felt I’d be negligent if I didnt. LOL

He’s an edgy teen…drops the f bomb more than Naomi! :slight_smile:

Wasn’t there an episode of Justice League Unlimited where the guy had the black hole in his chest sucking up everything and Blue Beetle had to save the day while everyone else battled Mordru?

There was also the second Xorn with the Black Hole in his head in the X-Men.

I read it but didn’t get that feeling sucky guy was as likely to go big as ending up sucking. :grin:

Most E-Bay copies of #1 and #2 are at cover or less.