I’m looking at the solicit for issue #3 of this series and it says:
“That feeling when a dead man tells you that your parents were superheroes from another planet…”

Is this a known tie in to the new events/characters in Naomi that I just missed? Or another completely different storyline that would be so similar to Naomi?

Sorry if it was already clearly known and I just missed something about this universe/new character/book.

I’d have to go check #5 again but I don’t remember the 29 becoming superheroes, just super powered. either way Bendiz went with the Hope angle that Naomi was the 1st birth of the 29 after a long period of time and she’s just a teen so she wouldn’t be working full time at a nursing home or have a girlfriend situation.

The 29 in a month killed 14 to become the 15.
7 of the 15 left (that doesn’t imply super heroic tendencies)
1 of the 8 left is the death row guy taking the place of Bishop in the Hope story searching for her.
2 of the other 7 are Naomi’s parent’s
That only leaves 5 potential parents and no mentioning of super heroing.

It’s a Young Animal product and weird in concept so that screams some type of tie in down the road to a Doom Patrol story where Naomi seems pointed towards more mainline Young Justice use.

the 7 could be parents. just because they didnt want to with the others opens the door to all posibilitys

I suspected 7 was chosen to signify a Justice League founders 7 type of thing and the basis for a different team book later but at the same time they didn’t exhibit early signs of super heroics by running to get away and they would still be bound by the age thing making the Collapser have to be about Naomi’s age at most. If two of those 7 were dead the teams down to just 5 potentially.

Much easier to point them towards the team that has cows with warp holes in it’s mouth and farts messages, talking cockroaches, vengeance seeking rats, etc… etc… Both are Young Animal products while Bendis isn’t really known for sharing.

We’re all guessing though so any guess with a few good reasons can be run with.

Mmmm not true. Naomis parents are established as having fought for years before havibg her. In that time frame the 7 that disappeared could have had a baby , hence making him older than her. I will have to re read the series but i dont remeber an established time frame like 5 years passed or 10 passed.

Whats intresting is that ( pure speculatiin) IF that were the case, would this comic see the sane heat a few issues later like Naomi did ?

And “superheroes “ is a subjective term. It can be used to describe any number of combinations, including but not limited to, someone having powers but never used them but were good people.

t shirts with “my dad is my superhero “ writen on onesies.

The time frame is vague/not defined.

“He’s destroying the world in selfishness and greed faster than anybody else ever could.”

“he forced us to become rulers and kings”

“Your father and I wake up every morning wondering if this is the day he’s just going to decide to attack us.”

Anything is possible but my gut says it’s a Young Animal thing. They’re also bringing in more tie-ins to the Dark Nights Metal story where some of the other new heroes stories started from with Metal Men in October. Every one of those universes had superheroes killed by the Batman Who Laughs. Nth Metal Man’s coming. Silencer, Sideways, Damage, etc…already here.