Colorado Springs Recommendation?

The family and I will be going to Colorado Springs later this month to visit some of my wife’s family. I was looking up stores in the area that sell comics, but wondered if anyone has specific recommendations?

You can always make the trip north to visit Mile High! Haha…

I was just in Denver to see Lord Huron at Red Rocks last Thursday. Great show! I visited zero shops… had zero desire to dick with comics!

I’ll pass on Mile High and the crazy prices. We will have some time to kill and my son will be bored just sitting around at a house so I figured stopping by some shops could be fun.

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Ed’s Comics down in the Springs just had Clayton Crain come though. They might have some cheap sigs around. Mile High Comics is the GOAT out here though. Most of the shops are up here around Denver. Timewarp Comics in Boulder is another one of my favs out here too.

keep in mind its all 60% off in store. they have as much underpriced stuff as overpriced stuff. ALSO is sooooooooooooo HUGE. There’s so much cool stuff to SEE in the shop.

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I found Mile High not worth visiting. Most of the massive back issue inventory is not open to the public. I guess it’s fun to see the books in the glass cases by the entrance at their insane pricing.

Edit: In fairness, I haven’t been there since 2018.

not checking out mile high because of their dumb prices is like skipping the louvre because their gift shop is too expensive. :upside_down_face:

so much cool stuff to see, biggest nerd store ever, awesome things around every corner, etc.
it was worth going just to see every marvel mega key together on one shelf.

i was there for at least an hour and didn’t even look through any comic boxes. only thing i bought was a 1988 Galoob capt picard action figure moc (1st picard/tng action figures) for $20.

well worth the trip!

I guess if I’m ever near it I’d check it out, just for the sheer impressiveness of such a big store.

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