Comic Book Cannon 03/05- Robert Vendittii Interview

Hey All,

Just letting you know we’ll have Robert Vendetti on the show this Friday 03/05! He’s going to stop by to talk about Tankers (Bad Idea) and Superman '78. He’s going to stick around and be our guest co-host as well. Should be a fun one! We’re LIVE at 9pm ET/6pm PT.



If anybody has any questions we’d like to ask Robert, drop them in the thread. Can’t guarantee they’ll all make it in, but we will do our best!

You could ask him about Tankers if it was as fun as I imagine it was writing a comic about people in big mechs fighting dinosaurs. That just sounds awesome to write and see come to life under the great art of Juan Jose Ryp!

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GAAAAAH, missed this. That being said, we did talk Tankers and Ryp. We were having major audio issues, so it messed with the flow of the show. Even with that though, he’s a great guy and it was definitely a fun one.

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