Comic Book Quality?

In my area, Marvel tends to “rule the roost”, but book after book I can’t help but notice the drastic quality difference between Marvel and DC (and certainly other books/publishers).

Marvel’s books are so cheap anymore. The covers, the ink, the pages. They just feel so inferior and “flimsy”. Feel like they are on par with the newspaper ad circulars anymore.

I recently read the new Joker comic (the one written by Carpenter). Aside from the fact that I really enjoyed the story…it was just a superior product in many aspects. The colors, page quality, artwork, cover stock. I actually felt like I received a decent return for my money.

I felt the same way about Once and Future and Something is Killing the Children by BOOM. Just a really superior product in terms of “quality”.

I wish Marvel would take a good look at some of these areas and adjust.

Even the whole “cardstock covers” at DC for an extra buck were at least nicely done and imo “good quality” as opposed to some of these very high priced Marvel books that have absolutely nothing adding to the value.

I agree with the quality of Marvel comics as far as paper and coverstock. The ink transfer is horrible.

Marvel does it because they can though. It is not enough of an issue where we vote with our dollars.