Comic Convention Finds

Rose City Comic Con Portland, Sept 2023

art adams-signed xmen cover and a couple modest yet high-grade bronze-age books (trek issue is #50). but my fave is that i had brian stelfreeze sign my copy of bp #1 which had arrived from midtown comics with an unlisted, surprise signature by ta-nahisi coates on the cover. potentially the only copy of that issue which is artist and writer signed?

these 4 are all signed by the artist, Chris Warner. love the cover for #2. #1 and both #2s may be 9.8s

a few other random things

my first page of original comic art, asm (2014) #1.1, pg. 8 by ramon perez

and finally, couldnt pass this up for $1450

thanks for looking


I have that issue of Black Magic. Kind of a classic. That story “head of the family” has been printed elsewhere several times. People are pushing Bronze Age horror as the next big thing, which I hope to be true as I have been collecting Bronze Age horror for years and said on several podcasts that it is underrated.


What made you buy the Star Trek gold key?

I love GK Star Trek. Even in lower grade. The photo and painted covers are great.I used to find them in $1/$2 bins. Not anymore.

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i tend to buy high grade gk superhero/scifi titles whenever i see them, which is rarely. always on the lookout but i’ve found that even mid-high grade copies of solar, magnus, etc, are hard to come by.

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I have no issues with pedigrees being notated on the label but they shouldn’t be allowed to have anything other than that. I’d stay away from those books simply because the labels hideous.

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Certainly respect that opinion!
I do agree that I think it sets sort of a strange precedent.
The same goes with the “Bobby Blue” collection.
Neither of the collections are technically “pedigrees” yet they are essentially being treated that way.
I also struggle with how involved Matt Nelson and CGC are with the owners, collections, process.
In my opinion the (any) grading company should have zero involvement with the collections/owners/process, selected books aside from…give us your $$$$ and we will grade them. That’s it… nothing more.

Yes…these two collections were incredible…but we all know there are likely many more unearthed collections out there.


It really comes across as an ad for the documentary. I understand using his online handle as the name but including the name of the movie is really strange.