Comic Convention Finds

We’ve got a category for when we get good stuff at the comic store or online, but what about conventions? They are starting back up and I recently went to a small convention on Friday. I was able to do a bunch of trading for good stuff and sold some of my comics so that I left with a bunch of new books and money in my pocket. I know right now cons are a very personal decision but I’m fully vaccinated and there was social distancing and masks so I felt okay about going.

I got a chunk of good stuff you can see here.

Note that the Daredevil #10 is actually a newsstand! I may sell some of these in the future to afford other books I’m after so if something catches your eye holler at me and we can always have me make a, “For Sale,” post of certain stuff.


What are comic conventions?


My LCS on Saturday had Flash Gorden doing a signing and Dominic Pace signing his Gekko the Bounty Hunter Comic. Got some signed coines from him as well. Good day…

I just bought tickets to the Houston Comicpalooza! I’m so excited! It’s my first time to go to one!

Had some amazing luck today! I saw a posting on Facebook with an image of an ad for a small town “comic con” about 30 minutes from here. Reminded me of the craft sales at the local places.
Decided to take a chance and really ended up lucky in doing so.
One of the fellows set up had a bunch of Star Wars toys. I immediately noticed a fairly large selection of the “comic packs”. Not sure how into toys everyone is, but these are some of the most expensive and sought after modern figures made. There were a ton of them though, including varied online exclusives, so they aren’t all “gold”. Like comics, just depends…the thing is though, you rarely see them.
This guy also had 4 boxes of comics. I had to try to sweep the figures, and get to the comics lol.

End result…some absolutely killer finds. Regardless of the comics (which were great). I got the 3 key comic packs pictured. Ended up paying $225 for everything in the pics. The comic packs alone sell for way more than what I paid for everything so all the comics were essentially just a kicker.


Sounds awesome, post the pics you mention!

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@davidbitterbaum Just added them!

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Love that Comic Pack with the 2 figures. I want some lol

San Francisco FanExpo is coming up this month! Hooray!

Pretty solid list of creators who are attending. For anyone wanting a book signed, I’ll be hitting up Jim Lee, F. Mattina, Art Adams, Bjorn Barends, Jeph Loeb, James Tynion, Steve McNiven, and Julian Tedesco. No clue what the signing conditions will be like (signature limit, price, long lines, etc) but I’ll do my best.

First con in a while for me.

And first con ever to which I have a VIP pass! Will it be worth the price?! Probably not!
But I’m still pretty excited about access to the exclusive lounge!


RI comic con was today and a good amount of comic vendors but didnt find much. Was good to get that Uncanny X-men 221 for $20


Mr. Sinister’s first appearance if my memory is correct? Nice!


wondercon last weekend was a great time. i was there mostly on business so i wasn’t planning on digging through comic boxes until i passed by a booth w/ a 50% off sale (and not in the way most other vendors have a “sale” by first pricing everything at 150%-300% FMV). shout out to dream world collectibles of ventura, ca for making many customers happy.
all this for $250:

best deal books include:
thor #144 fn- $8
green hornet #1 vg $17
sandman #13 vf $5
2001 #8 vf $11
human torch #1 fn $8
champions #7 vf $8
marvel super heroes #1 fn $15


I set up as a vendor at a small local show called Hurricon today on long island ny.

Did quite well selling.
At the end of the show they have an amazing raffle of original art, comics, toys, etc… 5 tickets for $20.

Oh lookie what i won. Poster too


:fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:


Is that 181 first or first full with first cover :wink:

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I believe the answer is “yes.”


I’ve reached my quota for the month arguing about Wolverine so I’ll just say everyone wins!

True, but this is BATMAN #181 with a huge first appearance! An all new all different 181 for people get crazy about! Now if only she had a cameo somewhere.

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I’ve been able to attend a couple of cons over the last month (one larger and one smaller).

-First and foremost, I’ve am really trying to alter my approach to this hobby in terms of what I spend my money on. It’s not easy however as FOMO and the allure of some of the modern stuff still impacts me. You’ll easily see what I focus on in my pics. I had a list of books I want, and a plan and for the most part I’m proud of myself for sticking with it. The books below that are not within that genre were either dollar bin books or very, very cheap and I couldn’t pass them up. Transformers the Movie #1 for $1 was perfect timing lol.

-In addition to sticking to my plan for finding books, my next highest priority was buying some books from the “FANTAST” pedigree collection. I know folks have varying viewpoints on this type of thing and this collection but I am fascinated by the story and the books that come from it. Having met the owner, gone through many books from the pedigree, I can say it’s a great thing. The owner is a very kind and generous fellow who was put in a very unique situation. Incredible being able to see some of the offerings from this collection. I can’t wait to see the documentary. I get that some folks don’t like the custom CGC label…but you look into the actual design/and the story behind the design, it is really very touching and interesting. I was glad I got the graded book, but also some beautiful pedigree raw books as well (and I have really cool, signed pedigree certificates for all of them)
(Also, part of the reason I’m so enamored with the pedigree/collection is that 1. It originated in my area 2. My career is one associated with autism and my grand-daughter is on the spectrum. The entire story sort of resonated with me a bit.

Very fair prices and I always ended up paying below asking, bundling, cash discount etc.

Super happy with these additions.


I like books with date stamps on them, as long as they are in an inconspicuous location. And grading companies don’t assign a grade hit if done in such a way either (I have several 9.8s).

Something about knowing the exact day a book hit a newsstand rack I find interesting and make a particular book stand out from others.