Comic grading turnaround times

Historically I have generally used CGC to grade all my books but with the increased turnaround times,
Is it time to move to CBCS or PGX?

CGC - Modern tier - 94 business days plus two months for CGC to enter into the system - 6 months or more to get a book graded.

CBCS - Modern tier - 14 weeks.

PGX express - Modern tier - 2 weeks

I have been collecting for 35yrs. I have purchased many slabs over the years, however I just did my first submission in February to finally start on my PC…great timing
Snizzle… :roll_eyes:

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Sounds like a business opportunity to me with CGC a cluster show.

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And CGC modern fast pass (which now costs $15) only knocks off 15 business days (…it used to cut time in half (47 day in this case). I guess when everyone adds fast pass nobody gets fast pass.

Meanwhile CBCS charges $10 cuts that 14 weeks to 7 weeks (vs. 11-12 for CGC).

Sent in an order October 26th…shipped April 7th (23 weeks, included pressing).

Similar Order was received December 31st…25 weeks and still “processing”.

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All the pressers I use are also insanely backed up.
I was on a pretty good roll, and cycle of sending books in and receiving them (CGC), but it all came crashing down.
I’m done grading books for awhile…simply not worth the headache and risk currently. From poor shipping and delays, pressers taking on too much, books sitting in warehouses in who knows what environments, to clear indications that grading quality is taking a hit.
Whether it’s CGC, CBCS, or PGX…I don’t think their systems can handle the crazed influx…and just think what will happen when in person submissions at shows starts pumping now.


I’m in the same boat. My CBCS membership ended right before the lockdown started last year and I told myself I’m going to slow down with slabbing and just buy raw books. I just helped a buddy of mine with subbing books for press/clean/slab. I feel bad cuz of the insanity right now but I’m glad he’s in no rush and doesn’t really collect anymore.

Right now I just sent in some books to my presser but no slab submissions until things cool down… hopefully.

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Too add salt to the wound…CGC keeps booking these damn in house signings…which you know get priority.


Updates (Moderns):

Since last month CGC has gone from 94 days to 102 (+8 working days). Fast Pass ($15) now only takes off only 10 working days (was 15).

CBCS is at 17 weeks (increase of 3 weeks in just a month) with fast pass ($10) cuts that down to 7/8 weeks. Pressing adds 19 weeks for a total of 36 weeks.

My submission modern + press received on 12/31 is at 30 weeks and “processing”. 6 more weeks to,go…

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