Comic Investing/Speculating During A Recession

Would love to hear peoples opinions regarding this.

Cutting back on purchases (big and small)?
Selling quickly to raise cash to buy bigger books later on?
Comic Cons and LCS might getting affected?

All thoughts and strategies are welcomed.


Me personally I have cut back a ton on new Wed releases and focusing on books that I want in my collection.

Sure I can spend $100 on random books with crappy paper quality or pick up a What If 105 which I did and happy with it adding to my collection.


Just wait for the inevitable label of “recession books” that pumpers will start using. They did it for the “pandemic/lockdown books”…


A current example of a potential 1st comic ‘recession is coming’ book victim

Moon Knight 1 1980 9.8s there is a TON of supply out there.
The show has not gotten people excited to spend $850+ for 9.8s

Many raw copies are moving and lower graded slabs have moved.
The high end prices have stalled big time.

Also people def gravitating towards the newsstand version.

Just my observation…


I think what we’re seeing with the MCU in general is the appeal being pivoted from the broad, all-encompassing selling point of the Avengers movies and now turning into individual niche markets. Are there people excited for Ms. Marvel? No doubt. Is everybody? Not really. I’m not really. The entire comic secondary market is no longer going to react across the board to these characters. It’s just spread too thin for that anymore. We’re also leaving silver age keys in the MCU and entering bronze and modern keys.


Its not a 1st appearance of Moon Knight, so thats probably why its not moving…

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:100: :100: about spec being spread too thin.

A decade ago, you could spec on anything (because at the time, there was very little) and the books would rise in value.

Now, theres too much stuff and buyers are being cautious. And when the recession comes, it will be even a more cautious period.


No doubt I agree.

But the average person watching the show might think this is his 1st appearance and perhaps why so many raws moving.

Also been on the top selling list on CovrPrice for many weeks straight.

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Very good points! :+1:

Yeah, I don’t know much about Moon Knight 1 vs WWBN 36, I was just speaking more generally about the state of MCU spec.

I have some cash in setting aside to hopefully purchase books that have gotten out of range for me. X-Men 1, giant sized xmen 1, and quirky older books that I want just because they are super old and cool looking.

I am also doing this with the market and crypto…long term gain is the spec, and don’t fall prey to the rise and fall of the economy…stay the course!


I know the feeling… listed a bunch of modern slabs last night to free up space for a FF48 I’m thinking of picking up. Long term, it’s the better book and I need to prune back the collection of some weeds anyways.


Also another question.

Will people cut back sending books to get slabbed.
Will this affect CGC/CBCS quality control to become better and faster turnaround?

There is no need to spend $30+ to grade a new Wed book and then sell it for $20 on eBay. SMH :nauseated_face:

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I have a ton of books that I want to get slabbed to offer on the site, just haven’t had time to get around to them. I would like to get into pressing, but again, that whole time thing is a problem. I need 48 hour days to be honest :slight_smile:


The key to not having your graded 9.8 books sell for $20 is to not put it up for auction. Use the buy it now.


The key to not having your 9.8 comics sell for $20 is to use a half ounce of common sense in selecting books that are appropriate for grading.

I can’t believe some of the books I see people send off for grading (with an intent to sell).


Turnaround times are too long for moderns, especially with pressing. I’m not sending anything to either of the big 2 graders unless it’s a blue chip and/or for my personal collection.


I came back to comic collecting in 2009 right in the start of the last recession and housing crash before that I quit in 1993 or 94. I can tell you everything was dirt cheap except golden age was still chugging along. I could get a low grade first Robin for about $4000 was the cheapest first appearance of a well known character from the golden age in 2009-2010. Now that book probably sells 30-40k today. My prediction with coming recession is golden age and silver age will be fine. Most all silver major and mid keys will continue to see gains in a recession. Low grade AF #15 might see a drop off as they are ridiculously high currently for .5-2.5. Bronze Age will be hit pretty hard but this is also where you should be putting money during the recession. GSX and Wolverine won’t be coming down in price, Blade and Ghostrider probably will be fine everything else will see a significant dip and allow you to buy some mid and major bronze keys for a good deal assuming you have money to spend in a recession. On to copper age which will be hit extremely hard ASm 300 will lose 1/2 its current going rate, Turtles will lose 1/3, the Crow and Sandman may see gains they both have current media coming and compared to the prices they went for in the 90s are still reactively cheap. Finally moderns will be wiped any book that goes for $20-$40 that an app or YouTuber pumped up will go back to cover or below. Miles and Gwen will lose 1/3 value. All the pretty incentives with no first appearance that go for $1000s will see huge reductions by 1/2 or more. Mid level modern key first appearances will all drop by 1/2, you can already see some books following this pattern after the Disney shimmer wears off like Echo which was as high as $1000 9.8 and can now be found for $400. This is my prediction take it for what it’s worth, recession is a good time to buy for the eventual return to gains which will probably be 5-10 years after the recession hits.


Just like in the stock markets.

In every bear market the companies that can survive and grow will be the next winners in the next bull market.

In 2000 Amazon was ‘dead’ but it did survive and look at it now. Etoys Com/ (slow death lol) not so much.

Bear markets will test the ‘diamond hands’ be it stocks, collectables, real estate, crypto, etc… There are plenty of new investors in all markets who have not been through a bear market.

So you better know exactly what you own and why you own it.

Thanks for your thoughts!


As for Miles, all those UF4 books that were at the Bendis private signing are starting to get graded.

We will be seeing them hitting Ebay soon. That will be interesting to see how those sell at different grades.

BUT let’s not forget Tosin is where it’s at. :rofl:

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