Comic Oddities

You too can now own a piece of an actual Action Comics #1.

Auction is up to $800. 4 days left!

Who’s in?

CGC…if it fits into a slab…they’ll slab it!


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It’s worth money to me just to know someones Action comics #1 out there is missing it


How in God’s name do they know it actually came from an Action Comics 1? How did the person submitting it know it actually came from an Action Comics 1?

Is this an emperor has no clothes situation where nobody’s willing to say “nah.”


Up to $3,100.

It’s the new Miles Mora……nah too easy.



Who in their right mind would mutilate an Action #1 even if it was in poor condition?


I think it may be from a trading card where you can get a piece of a key comic.

Which goes back to the original question…who’does that? Even for a trading card?

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Maybe it was in such rough shape pieces were falling off?

Could be… At that point I would de-acify and maybe try some professional restoration or marriage with another beat up Action #1…or both. I just couldn’t bring myself to cut up a piece of history like that.

I think the collective comic community demands and answer! Where is the rest of the book!!!

Maybe these pieces came from someone who found a third of a cover in an attic with nothing else…or something like that? I really hope it wasn’t someone who had a beat up copy, did the math and figured they could make more money selling tiny pieces of the cover and individual pages.

Well, if we find more graded pieces like this maybe we can piece the puzzle together.

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A graded puzzle of sorts. Wait, can you grade jigsaw puzzles like those people who solve a puzzle and frame it?

What a coincidence, I’m looking for investors for my puzzle grading business.

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CGC already has the market cornered on puzzling grades! HEYOOOOOOOOOO!

I’ll show myself out.

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