Comic oddity - Graded Mini Replica Comics

Not sure how I even stumbled on this today, but I saw these mini replica graded comics. I guess the are for dioramas or action figure use, or just something else to have on your desk

Graded mini comics

Man… $20+ for basically a keychain? Cool but too rich for my blood!

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Those are cute!

Has a pgx label and costs more than it costs to grade a book at pgx lol.

We made some of these (and non-graded mini comics) a couple of years back for Hot Toys to hold in our display cases. Who knew there was a market for it!

Those are totally not 9.8s. I see at least a couple color breaking spine ticks on several.

It’s an invalid grade anyway since you can take them out of the slab. Lol.

There is a market for everything. You guys coulda been the first.

With the stupid amount of time it took us to make them I don’t think they could be priced reasonably haha. But they were handmade in Oregon so maybe we could have sold them in the Made in Oregon store as well!

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