Comic Page Grading

Ok. Now I have seen it all. Want to make a ton of money by selling comics one page at a time? Well I have the solution for you.

All you have to do is send in the complete book to Comic Page Authentication Service and they will cut the pages out for you and grade them individually. Heck. I’d imagine you can bind all the graded pages together and have the first fully graded comic.


That binding idea sounds great you should email and tell them!
But on a serious note I have no doubt some collectors would pay $$$$ for a high grade first appearance page of a AAA character

Finally time to get me that Bell-Ringer page!

It is an interesting idea. The site is kind of ugly right now, though.

Wonder what a spawn #1 used to wipe some ones ass will go for per page


I thought cgc and others already did this?

No adult or violent comics allowed? I guess that rules out precode horror

Maybe they can grade 2400 back covers of a High Republic exclusive!


Wow…$280 (min 50 pgs @ $14 ea.) to destroy a comic and put the pieces in flimsy easily compromised holders.

Thanks, but I’ll pass. I’ll send any loose pages of a comic like AF15 or Action #1 I happen to find to CGC or CBCS…

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I can buy a frame at the 99cents store or even better get out the old laminate machine.

I am hoping everyone caught sarcasm about this post. I saw it last night and was like WTF. Saw a page on eBay graded by them and went down the rabbit hole.


Yeah, it is kind of odd. I see potential in it if I squint really hard, but the current way they are trying to do it…yeah.


My NFL Superpro #1 will go for thousands as individually graded pages, you will see, and then who will be laughing (besides the page grading company)

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Any signature I get now I’m going to make the poor artist sign every page.


If the price of individual pages of SuperPro get high enough may have to take it off the wall

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Another soon to be millionaire

I’ll get much more for my Kickers Inc.