Comic Picks of the Week for 9/27/23

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1st app in avengers annual 1, comes out wed

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Good to know. Thank you

1st app of who?

the darkhold is transformed into a teen boy

Classic Marvel move. “Spider-Boy was a hit. So, let’s make Venom-boy and do a series of covers with other character kid copies. And, what if a book turned into a boy!??!?”



2 years ago they turned all the infinity stones into new characters

and look where that spec is at…lmao

Seriously, if I had a dime for every new character Marvel dumps-and-runs, Id be a millionaire… or have a pocket full of dimes… :upside_down_face:


that story was meh. they didnt want to go back to their timelines b/c they would cease to exist.

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star is the only one that has any value still, her 1st app ratio in 9.8 is still 500+


Did you happen to see spoilers for Ultimate Invasion 4 ?


havent read the series, so i have no clue whats happening, but the kid call anthony builds a suit with doom help and takes the name iron lad

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So, Iron Boy. Joe is on to something!

Ratio is available on TFAW. Cover A is sold out

Iron lad…? smh

sounds like something out of LoSH


MCS has the 1:25 up now for $9.60

i dont think book is spec worthy imo

meh, probably not since Midtown and Ebay copies aint selling…lol

It’ll start selling when one of the youtubers start pumping the book on their channel. The thing with these channels is that they have thousands of subscribers that eat this stuff up. They just need about 10-20 of them to buy the book and it will be enough to move the market. Prices go up accordingly. It’s worth keeping an eye on.

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