Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 3/3/21

The site hiccuped and didn’t post the picks of the week post so looping it here as well.

the stands, each with potential. We pick the ones we think have the best shot at heating up. Here are the picks of the week for delivery 3/3/21

Very big week for books, especially new #1's, and especially for DC #1's.

New #1’s
Chariot #1 - New AWA series, always good reads, about a Cold War-era secret government project to provide its star agent with a weapon unlike any other in the form of a supercharged muscle car. It sank into the ocean decades ago, and the agent along with it. Now, a petty criminal looking to reform his life has stumbled upon the Chariot, and he’s about to find out that the agent’s consciousness is still controlling it in this synthwave thriller.

Dead Dogs Bite #1 - Interesting looking new Dark Horse series by Tyler Boss. Cormac Guffin has gone missing. It’s been three days and no one has seen hide nor hair of her. The police have nothing, and the townsfolk are acting more like a funeral procession than a search party. If Cormac has any hope of being found, it rests on the slouching shoulders of her best friend Joe. Joe will need her wits about her though, because, like any story worth hearing, nothing is what it seems.

Suicide Squad #1 - New Squad, new team, new leader, Peacemaker takes charge.

Sensational Wonder Woman #1 - Sensational Wonder Woman will explore everything that makes Wonder Woman the sensational hero she is.

Marvel Action Captain Marvel #1 - New all-ages Captain Marvel series featuring Ghost Spider.

America Chavez Made In The USA #1 - America Chavez is coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so time for a new series. The Hans Variant is nice.

Swamp Thing #1 - New Swamp Thing series with an all new Swamp Thing. Levi Kamei is the next Guardian of the Green

BRZRKR #1 - Keanu Reeves comic. tons of covers, grab the cover you like, it will be a good reader. Not counting this one out for the spec because of the large print run. Sure this will end up on a screen. Could be a good hold long term.

Ones to Watch
Batman #106 - Cameo of Miracle Molly, spoilers tonight.

Star Wars High Republic #3 - hot new Star Wars series. Worth grabbing and setting aside for later. The TFAW Variant is still available. The 2nd Print has already been announced.

Infinite Frontier #0 - The next phase of the DC Universe begins here! Dark Knights Death Metal is over, this is what launches out of it.

Demon Days X-Men One Shot - Peach Momoko doing interiors and writing. this one isn’t sneaking up on anyone.

Small Press Gem
Nocterra #1 - A ton of variants and ratios on this, which is a bit of a turn off, but it is Scott Snyder and Tony S. Daniel. I am grabbing a copy of the Jock Cover. Well, on top of the Kickstarter covers I grabbed.

Small Press Pick of the Week
ENIAC #1 - good luck grabbing one of the first prints. Lots of hype o n this one. Grab the White Label first prints if you can find them.

Pick of the Week
Star Wars High Republic Adventures #2 - Star Wars is hot, Star Wars villain first appearances are hot. Grab it and tuck it away. The 1:10 Variant could be a good grab if you can find it.

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I sold 5 of those TFAW High Republic variants for £22-25 as pre orders so if it’s any speculators out there it’s definitely a market for it

Eniac #1 is mostly fomo. It’s going to crash in a year.I feel bad for the suckers paying for ridiculous prices. Another publisher should try to do the same thing Bad idea is doing and another indie publisher should follow suit.I am going to message some of these Indie Publishers to encourage them to do this to stop this nonsense crap.

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That’s a no brainer. Keanu Reeves is writing, they’ve already got the lead character practically cast… :wink:


Don’t. That’s on them. I use to feel sorry for people who don’t educate themselves when it comes to buying things. No longer do I care… that’s all on them. If they want to be stupid with their money, let them as long as it’s not sellers being deceptive.


Agreed 100%

I am not a fan of Bad idea because they’re artificially trying to make their comic books scarce by limiting it one per customer. We don’t know if any these Bad idea comic books are going to take off in the upcoming years. If I were one of these big retailers, I’d tell them to screw off. Many of these small comic shops barely make ends meet ,but Bad idea believe that they’re special by hyping themselves up in order to drive up the prices of these books. I hope these people fail miserably.



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It’s been dead since 1955

No…shit…it’s why the book was produced/published in the first place.

Eniac is a good story, movie worthy and extremely low print…its also trying to stop shops over charging…is that why some of you on here are dissing it…because you can’t ramp the price up in your shop without being blacklisted… ?..for comic fans Bad idea is a great idea…support them.


Of course it’s movie worthy, thats why it was printed in the first place. The owner of Bad Idea has a production company. As for “low print”…the publisher made sure of it for the “1st print”…they controlled the “scarcity”.

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I had expected prices to be high out of the gate (they were) and to start dwindling rapidly with undercutters and the sometimes not-so-good thoughts we see going around.
To my untrained eye, I’m not seeing the undercutting though and the issues actually seem to be slightly going up.
I agree with @Ottooctavious . Bad Idea was very very clear with their terms to prevent shops from over charging out of the gate. They were crystal clear regardless if an individual agrees or doesn’t agree.
I intend on reading mine when I get my copy and I hope it’s done well as I can no longer read new Marvel or DC. They’re like reading a 1 p.m. 90’s soap opera these days.

You do realize that limiting the book to 1 per customer helps get the book into more hands. Right? Thus, potentially, making the book less scarce. The shop by me that carries Bad Idea still has copies available to customers walking into the store today. That would never happen on a hot DC or Marvel book, the shelf would be cleared out by opening on release day.

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I don’t think anyone here “dissing” them are actual retailers. I get the sense most just don’t agree with their overall tactics and rules, along the sense that they are indeed manipulating the market to make their very limited first prints more valuable because they are fulling controlling the amount each shop ordered or can order. They even admitted in cutting orders down, telling shops who perhaps ordered X amount are only getting Y amount cause they know they over ordered… Are they mind readers? Do they know the amount of subscribers that store has? Hell no but they’re playing that game now…

Could you imagine if you had say 100 customers tell you to “pre-order” them a copy of Batman 100 and DC comes back and tells you… nope, sorry, there’s no way 100 people pre-ordered that book so we’re only sending you 30 cause you only ordered 30 of issue 101.

I actually love most of their rules myself and back such rules as just a consumer. My problem now is how they’re enforcing them while carrying a bit of double standards along the way and their silly tactics of trying to control shops too much. They laugh and seem flattered at a shop creating bootlegs they’re printing up themselves to sell while banning shops that break their rules without a warning.


I thought it was a good story too. I enjoyed it.

I am not dissing. I pointed out which retailer was shut down and asked for opinions. I think there is a difference between dissing and not agreeing with their tactics.

Don’t own a shop so it makes no difference to me. However, I am sure some shop owners put copies aside for after the 30 day window in order to make some profit. I am personally glad to see limiting and not allowing prices to be jacked up in stores for the first 30 days. Gives people a chance to get the books.

My only criticism has really been about the ashcans. I didn’t agree with Bad Idea saying they love being bootlegged while enforcing a ton of other rules. I don’t agree with fakes or counterfeits at all.