Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 3/6/24


That Skottie Young - Aliens: What If… cover… sold me for a copy.


Thank you for your patience as we have looked into this.

All of our copies have this same marking to various degrees for both titles. We can send you replacements if you would like, we would need you to report them in the tool and then I can approve them for you.

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Apparently all Transformer #6 and Weather Man #3 are affected. They did offer to replace the ones I have with more that have the same problem but I didn’t see the point in that.

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All the more reason to wait for the 2nd print!

May not happen. None of the Weatherman issues have been reprinted so far and I don’t see a reprint for #5 of Transformers either.

Transformers I expect is starting to see orders drop as expected after the initial surge of interest around #1. It didn’t sell here as an IDW series and at best it’s riding 1 subscriber and maybe a copy leaves walk-in. I expect by end of the year the print run to be back down around 20,000 or less like the IDW years.

Can’t speak for weatherman. TF is pretty much a given until they run through all the characters with a white background. I’m not sure who’s left of the characters they used so far…Arcee hasn’t yet though. They likely have all these characters drawn up in advance, though.

We’ll see. That’s one of things with publishers, they can make plans and announce things but if the sales aren’t there, they can change their minds like with the stoppage of the Punisher ongoing series. 5 or 6 issues in is about the time the trades start coming out making reprints unneeded for most purposes. I still see one of those people who will happily announce a refusal to take anything that isn’t a 1st/original print regularly. I also see those who refuse to take anything other than a trade. I’m looking at all those Justice League vs Godzilla connecting final prints coming and want all of them for the store but I’ve already got all issues in one printing or another in stock. I actually had a guy buying Godzilla IDW’s off the shelf last week refuse to touch the JLGK’s until a trade collects them. I do have one addict that wants every cover so he may want a set of connecting as well so it looks like I’ll have to order some but I’m not sure I should go heavy on any of them.

Transformers I’m actually doing better than expected so far. 37 copies purchased or sent for free for issues 1 thru 5. 12 copies still here including the 5 free copies of #3. I gave a copy of 1 and 2 away to a long time regular that lost his job and loves Transformers. So 32 copies purchased, 9 still here or given away. Hopefully by the time we get to issue #12 we’re still hovering at least 50/50 in sales compared to leftovers. For promoting the series they have placement of a large poster right by the front door so everyone who comes in or walks by has to see the title and there’s an open closed sign for Transformers by the register as a place mat for customers checking out. It’s about max for promoting for free.

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