Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 5/14/23


This is such a light week. I only have two comics I’m getting: Doom’s debut issue and the third Ultimate X-Men issue. I’m pumped to read the Doom comic tho.

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That is how it was for me last week. I just have Miles #20, Spawn #353, TWD #89, Rat City #2, and Monolith #1. It is an Image heavy week for me and I am fine with that since at least I tend to enjoy books from Image than what Marvel and DC are doing these days.

I looked for Monolith today, but they didn’t have the McFarlane cover…

I have transformers 1:10 on order for TFAW…so don’t pick that up.

So yeah…big nothing burger for me today.

I picked up the Mcfarlane cover. At another store I got the 1:10 Energon Universe, 1:10 GI Joe, 1:10 Ultimate X-Men 3 for cover

Haven’t picked up from my regular shop yet