Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 8/30/23

The dreaded 5th week edition:


Has anyone got a chance to see the George perez wonder woman facsimile edition this week? I bought the one from a few years ago and was not happy about it. It wasn’t a true facsimile, they used modern ads to promote their upcoming books and products in the reprint. If that’s not bad enough, the original comic in 1987 had a wonderful wrap around cover by perez that would’ve taken him forever to do. Dc took that gorgeous back cover and replaced it with a modern ad. Absolutely disgraceful.

So if they’re doing the same thing here, i don’t want it. If they fixed it, I’ll order a few copies for myself.

Not AWFUL considering it is a fifth week.

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Marvel Age 1000 has a Spiderboy value stamp :smile:
Also for you pervs…I mean collectors, this week’s TMNT vs Streetfighter has a Chun Li bondage cover.

whats the deal with the value stamps ?

Nothing it’s for nostalgia. Back in the day you can cut out marvel value stamps and send them into marvel for free swag. I think marvel is also releasing a marvel value stamps handbook to commemorate.

gotcha :pray:

absolutely nothing who still cuts out things from comics ?

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dont sleep on the porkrind

Would be funny to see a qualified label that says missing MVS on a book from 2023.

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Aside from the upc, not doing the same.

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