Comic presser recommendation

Does anyone have a recommendation for a reliable comic presser with a reasonable turnaround time?

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I’m still new to the pressing game as I’ve only had my books pressed twice. Chris at Premiere Pressing did a fantastic job. Not sure what a reasonable turnaround time is, but check him out:

I’ve always used Josh Avery. You’d have to check his Facebook page for current turnaround times

Pricing | Avery Comic Pressing


I also have to recommend Josh Avery as @AngryMrBungle stated.
I had very good communication and results. Fair pricing as well. Made the process easy relative to CGC submission also (he also can use CBCS).


Yea I have 20 books out to him right now. Well he is done and sent them to CBCS and CGC so now is the 4-6 week wait for them to be done lol

I’ve used a number of times and am always pleased.

Before I started doing my own Pressing/Cleaning, I used Josh Avery as well. Great guy that does great work.

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I’ve used Chris before and he’s done a great job on some older books.

I press my own books too… instead of looking for a presser why don’t you invest in a press?

If you’re pressing modern books that are already clean then it really isn’t terribly hard. It’s funny to me how secretive everyone gets about pressing technique.

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And if you end up sucking at it, you can always use that presser to make beach t-shirts :wink:


After some bad luck with shipments, I’m stuck with banged up corners on a few books that I can’t easily replace. Does anyone have any advice on an at-home pressing solution that doesn’t require investing in a big press?

The goal here is to improve the condition of these books as best I can. Paying for pressing isn’t worth it as these are all new books that aren’t worth the additional costs. These won’t be 9.8s ever, and that’s ok.

I’ve seen things with irons and big stacks of heavy books, but I have zero idea if that will do anything positive for the condition of the books.

@loverjw I wouldn’t recommend using an iron unless you can use a heat press afterwards. Seriously any t-shirt heat press will do as long as you can control the temperature and the press is big enough to cover the whole comic. My press is nothing fancy. It was an Amazon buy I think it was $300 and I’ve been using it for 5 years now. I’ve seen some in $100 range that would do just fine. Press more than 10 books and it has paid for itself.

I’ve read most of the pressers we have here on CHU only spent around $100 to $150 on press machines that do the job just fine.

I have this one (cant vouch for seller but have same model), and I have pressed 100s of comics with it. out of 60 I have had graded since I have been pressing myself, 56 have been 9.8s and the others had non-pressable defects. No need to spend more than $100.

Tack irons are great (I use a Hangar 9 sealing iron), but you want to use it before you press because it can cause some waviness in the pages.

I’d be scared to ever try and press my own comic. I can just imagine burning the thing to pieces, or the whole house down!

I have 25 books currently on route to the presser and my anxiety level is through the roof over it. There’s a headache you save by doing it yourself!
Books were supposed to be there Monday (priority, heavily insured).
Nothing but a “delayed/in transit” for days. I get Covid, holidays, etc…but still…ugggg.
Some beautiful books in that package.

PCK what is your turn around time for pressing comics?

We actually do not take submissions as of right now. It might be something we do in the future though.