Comic Purge in the Planning

Don’t feel that Chewy! It’s like my friend’s tattoo says, “No Regerts.”


Lol, yup, no regerts 4 life!

Only book I ever regret selling was my 9.8 candidate NYX #3, three days after I shipped it they announced Laura was going to be in the Logan movie. So disappointed in that sale. if I had just waited a couple of days I would have sent it off to CGC and not the guy who bought it from me.


Do you think the most common selling mistake is selling to soon or too late?

Selling too late I imagine happens way too often than too early… I think people have too much hope when it comes to selling at the perfect price and tend to hold longer than they should and it ends up biting them in the butt.

If you make profit, you win… no regrets. You lose more when you hold too long hoping it only continues to go up. Now, with classic silver and bronze, different approach I think when it comes to investing but for the modern books, the market is volalite. That’s why I say if you’re flipping books fast, sell while you can make decent profits. Yes, every so often the books keep going up and then maintain their value but more often than not, most books come back down to real world prices after the hype.

That’s a distinction I didn’t think about. Modern vs. Silver/Gold age.

Sorry, bronze, we’re not talking about you.

I keep thinking about it, but my copper/modern books were all a big part of collecting in my teens with an old buddy of mine. Most will have no value and are taking up space, but those sentimental ties are hard to cut. Probably about a year left before I run out of space, so I suppose I will procrastinate until then…sigh

Why not Bronze? One day they’ll be the new Silver age type of books… it’s Copper we don’t talk about… Copper is just an eBay thing… :wink:

Is Copper real as a time-period level? Will it become more real as time goes on and the Modern Age can’t be like 1985-2030 or such?

“Modern Age” does need reexamining, because it’s already an absurdly long stretch of time.

The 90s should be lumped into their own category. The pouch age?

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The back bin age
The foil age

The “Gimmicky Age”

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Die cut age.

I’ve heard the 90s referred to as, “The Dark Age,” because comics got really dark.

Also, “The Age of Independents.”

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