Comic Purge in the Planning

As @drunkwooky and I have discussed in the forum, we sometimes do a big purge of our collection to make space, get some extra scratch, and so forth. It’s been about 5-8 years since my last big purge of stuff so I think the time is coming to eliminate about 90% of what I’ve got. I’ll keep the small number of things that have sentimental value, I think have some spec value, or so forth, but lots of the rest is getting sold. I have some local Saint Louis chums who may buy a big collection for a fair price. I just need to check my shortboxes and take out a few things like Christopher Priest’s run on, “Deathstroke,” to give an example of one recent comic I loved and would keep. It can be hard to purge, but I think it needs to be done to clear up some storage unit space and to get a little extra scratch. Just wanted to share about this. Thoughts?


I always think about doing a purge but can never seem to pull the trigger. I commend you if you are able to drop 90% of your books…

I love purging. But it’s hard to decide what to keep, and what to let go. Last major purge I did was a few years back. Got it down to one character from marvel and one from DC (thanos and harley quinn). But I somehow accumulated an entire short box of Adam warlock now :unamused:


I have space so I do not purge. I choose to sell off books when/if they become hot. Have pulled so many back issues out recently to sell off because they suddenly popped.


My fear of a comic purge is that I will either:

  • decide to get rid of the junk, which means it’ll sell for far less than I paid for it, only for those junk books to heat up post sale
  • decide to sell hot books, get some $$$ in the process, and end up with a collection of predominantly value-less books

I’m not there yet, so let’s buy some more books!


No, you don’t purge cause you get lost between your walls of comic boxes and by the time you collect a few to purge, you’ve forgotten your task at hand after getting lost… :wink:

If I had space I maybe wouldn’t purge. It is easier to do with the 90% of books I don’t think will heat-up or which have no special emotional value to me.

I see your point about worrying about selling all your hot books and being stuck with worthless books, @loverjw. That is why I just make it a bulk sale of everything that is somewhat notable to not notable at all. That way I unload it all. If you want the really good stuff, you gotta get it all for a decent price! I also have sold stuff that got hot years later, but if I made money, I can’t stress. As @Anthony has said, a sale/profit is a sale/profit. Don’t look back.

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Always remember, those books in the basement, storage, etc, aren’t worth anything…unless you can Sell them! So, even if you sell “worthless” books, that $ is more than you had while they were sitting in those boxes!

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I purge whenever I drop a title I dont like. I keep everything that I will someday re-read or I think has some future spec value.

They have a good insulation index in the short boxes against the walls.


I keep meaning to purge as well. Just can’t seem to find the energy.

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I’d be interested in buying a box or two if you’re definitely going to purge even if I can just sell some cheap to cover the expenses and keep some for my PC

So if anyone else is thinking about doing a cheap sale hit me up :call_me_hand:t3:

Not your MK…you have to keep those!

I always say basically anything in my collection is for sale EXCEPT Moon Knight comics I lack a duplicate of and a few things I have for sentimental purposes such as comics I got as gifts from friends or that have some kind of meaning to me. Moon Knight ain’t going anywhere, @highlander1989, so don’t worry!

I have a local friend who is going to buy the 18 shortboxes I have in my unit. The stuff I keep at the house such as my Moon Knight along with a few shortboxes of my stuff I’m specing on or have a connection to will won’t be sold. So that’ll be about 90% of stuff sold.

If you ever want to buy some stuff in bulk, @WelshWizard and would cover the cost of shipping to you in Europe I’d do it in the future. Would cost a ton though. When I ship a shortbox worth of comics even if it is media mail that’s like a $20 shipping cost for a big hefty box I fill. You can’t ship media mail international, I know.

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Are you on FB David? I’m sure you are on the Moon Knighters Group! :slight_smile:

I am on Facebook and am in a Moon Knight group! I think it is that one!

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I told 3 (I am opening it up to 5 people) friends,
I am charging them each $10 to buy a table,
Get stuff you want to purge cause this will be 1st week of April maybe or last week on March, before it gets too WARM (I’m in Arizona) also trying to figure when bills are mainly due… that effects yard sales a lot… I told them You price your own books, I’m setting up $1 boxes and .25 boxes (for the neighborhood kids) on my table, oh maybe I’ll sell bottled water or soda while I’m at it.

I’ll put at ad on FACEbook, Craigslist, etc… and we will have it for 2 DAYS…

they can always save $10 but when you got multiple sellers… yeah tends to bring more collectors and chances are they will sell more… lol


The reason I have no regrets about my purge is that I still have what I’ve always been primarily interested in: Star Wars comics.

I love a lot of stuff: Swamp Thing, Watchmen, Spider-Man, Thor, Batman (to a certain degree), Miracleman, and just a bunch of stuff. Did a lot of it warrant the sheer volume of physical manifestations of those properties I owned? No.

I’d rather cultivate one really impressive niche collection of Star Wars comics. That’s a goal that interests me every single day.


Understand this 100% I’ll bet the collection is incredible!!

It’s getting better and better. I’ve made sales I regret in the past…