Comic Shield Mailer Review

I received a package with 3 comics today and had never seen this mailer before.
I was fairly impressed, but still undecided if I like it as much as a gemini. I do think it would be far easier to set up and ship books…but not sure if it’s as durable in terms of just receiving my books in them.
I’ve never bought mailers but I checked and these look to be .95 apiece?
Anyone else use or receive these? Thoughts?

.95 is pretty pricey. Does it weigh more than a gemini mailer ?

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I agree. Way too pricey.

Looks nice but yeah… .95 cents just to replace the 0.002 cents spent on tape with cardboard tabs to keep the books from sliding around is too much…

I also think Gemini mailers are too thin… When I reuse them, I still pack them with extra cardboard. I’ve had plenty gemini’s shipments come banged up…

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I would say very close to, or same weight. There is a bit more depth to it versus a gemini.
Another backside pic.

Ooohh… I don’t like that. The comic is exposed. I’d end up spending more on tape just to tape over the tab punchouts… that’s horrible…

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Yea…I would still have to use 2 pieces of cardboard and have to cover up the bottom since it’s exposed. I’ll stick with gemini mailers…

I got one of these from Frankies no sir I don’t like it. Had 4 books in it one book was popped over one corner tab suspending it and bending it in the box.



It’s definitely a concept that if improved, could be awesome. Just way too many flaws from those pics provided.

received these from Frankie’s and they arrived fine. I can imagine if they weren’t wrapped n the plastic they would be damaged sliding around.

Frankie’s comics switched to them. When I saw them I thought they were cool but didn’t beat my .50 generic Gemini mailers I use.

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Looks awful to be honest. I’ll stick with Gemini mailers and my favorite regular old boxes I get free from work. If there’s a benefit to working in retail it’s one of em.

I also reuse mailers sent to me if there in great shape. Gemini’s always get an extra cardboard sandwich on the books when I do use them.

The thing with the flaps that hold the books in they are tight on the binding of the books so one good drop in that direction could spine tic every book in the box. I should load it with FCBD and test my theory.

We have actually tested these out here and found them to be just ok. We use Gemini mailers mostly and find them to be much more adaptable and easier to secure the comics in. They would have to make some design improvements before I would feel comfortable putting one of these in the mail.