Comic Tattoos!

Hey folks!
Just looking to see if there’s anyone else out there with some comic related ink.
I got a Batman Beyond logo with some bats on my left forearm about a year ago. Still haven’t gotten the following touch up appointment yet as Covid kinda f**ked that up.
If you’re comfortable showing off your comic ink, let’s see ‘em!


And yes, please make sure no naughty parts are shown as well… we’d like to keep our advertisers advertising on this site. :wink:

This is my Deaths Head Hawk Moth tattoo that I got in honour of Hannibal Lecter and Buffalo Bill…not quite comics related, but close enough me thinks.


Definitely acceptable as a strong showing of fandom! I like it!

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I’ll push it further, I broke my femur and got a titanium rod inserted in my leg. It’s still there to this day. I wanted to get an adamantium elemental symbol tattooed on my leg kind of like “intel inside”, but chickened out and went down to earth with titanium. It still makes me feel close to Logan, though.


As great as adamantium would have been, titanium is still badass man and you have to stay comfortable with yourself! It’s an awesome tattoo!

I just have a boring Marine Corps tattoo, but my son is a fan of The Crow (he took after me with his love of this stuff).
Here is one of his…


I like tattoos and find them cool to look at. I lack them, however, as I hate any kind of needle and don’t like pain either.

I’m in the same boat sort of. I appreciate tattoos, I think they’re cool but I’m not scared of needles, I just have zero desire to get them myself.

After breaking my femur, I figured it couldn’t hurt more than that and my leg was mangled and disfigured anyway.

I had that same surgery as well. Way back in 1998. I also still have the titanium rod in my femur.

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I’ve got them in my back…That titanium gets around!

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I’ve got a hernia mesh, but that’s about how cyborg-styled I am currently.

That is a great tattoo! Composed beautifully and the heavy saturation of black will last a long time. Plus, The Crow is awesome! Whoever did that one knew what they were doing!

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