Anyone here know if ComicLink charges a buyer fee and tax?

I know they charge $20 to ship. And their site says there’s a 3% buyer fee but it’s refunded (or is it credited towards a future purchase?) if you pay within a certain grace period.

Is that true that you get reimbursed for the 3%? I made a few purchases a couple years ago, but have no record of the 3% coming back to me unless they credited my card. It amounted to a couple $ so it didn’t matter to me then. Looking to make a larger purchase now and that 3% is like to keep.

Anyone buy from them lately?

I have not used them, nor am I familiar with thier procedures, but I have heard very positive things about them.

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I have purchased from them a couple times recently and I have never received the 3% back as far aw I can tell. I have wondered about why I hadnt, but never checked back with them. I don’t have any complaints about them overall, and have found a couple good deals on there.

Not very happy with Comiclink. I “purchased” a 9.8 She Hulk #1 a few months back but they did not honor the sale. They said they were having trouble getting in contact with the owner of the book, so I guess they do not have all items on hand so there is no guarantee you will be able to purchase any of what they offer. I did email them for updates but never heard back, so they seem to be kind of deadbeats. Maybe the book I was trying to buy wasn’t expensive enough to be worth their while. Not sure how they get so many record breaking sales with lackluster customer service such as that.

What’s up with the minimum increment being $50 after $500? I saved up for a comic and it’s right at about the most I’m willing to pay…but in order to get in the game I have to bid 10% higher??

I can’t believe such a high increment is beneficial towards making more money for CLink or the seller. Now if it were more like $5-$10 than maybe that’d encourage more incremental bidding and one-upmanship.

eBay is like $10 for a comparison.

I honestly don’t think Comic Link really cares about smaller sales. Anything under a grand is probably an afterthought to them.