Comics for a Fun Gift!

My oldest turns 30 tomorrow.
Growing up, his favorite movie was Disney’s Fox & the Hound. He literally wore out the VCR tape to the point we had to buy another.
Anyway, I came across this beauty of a set by fate perhaps. I put them in new bags/boards & top loaders. I hope he likes them!
Do any of you give comics as gift?
I love giving comics that were published the month/year of someones birth as well. Also have given a pack of comics as a baby shower gift.


My favorite teacher in law school taught the McFarlane Gaiman Angela copyright law suit in his class. At graduation I gave him a copy of Spawn 9, first Angela telling him it was the issue that “spawned” the dispute.


I have a very close friend that collects comics. Over the years I have gotten him some pretty good issues. Amazing Spider-Man #6 and Amazing Spider-man #300 are some of the better ones. Way back in high school I bought another friend that I lost touch with an Amazing spider-man #129 in VF condition. I think I paid $15 for it. I’m awesome.


I had some friends living in NYC, and when they got married a few years ago, I gave them a framed copy of ASM Annual #21.
My one old friend who is associated with the Outlaw MC received a framed copy of Baby Badass #1 when his son was born a few years ago.
And most recently, I gave a set of of the new Fragile Rock comics to a friend’s young son, for his parents to read to him.

I love giving comics as gifts, and tbh, the recipients seem to really enjoyed the gifts too.