Comics for legos. Anyone interested?

Have all these books for trade towards legos. I have some sets in mind, but would entertain other sets as well. I reqlly like sets like the helmets and masks. Not wanting just random movie theme type sets they put out.

Batwing 1989
Optimus prime
Nintendo entertainment system
Infinity gauntlet

And books up for trade. The warlock books are low grade readers. Do not expect them to grade over a 5 by any means please.

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Batgirl 12 and signed harley suicide squad with coa sold!!

1989 batwing and optimus prime acquired. Here is an updated list:

1989 batmobile
Nes system
Super mario question block
Infinity gauntlet
Thor hammer

Disclaimer. The adam warlock 4 book lot are low grade reader copies. Chips, creases, etc. The ff 67 does have a coupon clipped, but does not effect the story.