Comics Heated Up

So with so many new collectors hitting eBay, driving record prices the last year or so, I wonder how comics from the past 2 - 3 years that heated up when they initially came out, would do today if they were just released and made a list. Are there any that stand out to you? Like if Jim, Comictom or KCC (can’t argue their influencer status) put out a list of 10 comics from the past 2 years that should be on fire right now, what would those books be?

I don’t have a list of 10, but some that come to mind are:

Spawn 293 error
Marvel Comics Presents 6
Harley Quinn 57
Deadpool 9/10
TMNT 95 (this one is more recent)
X-23 7

What do you think?

All good choices. Also House of X#2, Captain Marvel #8, Venom #9, Batman Dzmned #1

I don’t understand where you’re going. Why should these be on fire “right now?”

They all had shortish print runs, and cool characters, a significance or some combo with a cool cover. That’s what’s driving record prices on more recent books like Thor 2/5, Venom 3/7/9, etc. So I’m just saying, if some of these books listed above came out today, I think they’d reach much higher peaks than when they came out 2 or so years ago, due to a lot of newer investor collectors driving up prices in the past year. Probably not making much sense as I haven’t had my coffee yet. If it doesn’t, I’ll revisit later and try to clarify, because I can tell this night be sounding like a ramble and I’m too lazy to edit at the moment :grin:

What he’s trying to say is the books would’ve had more exposure and thus have been bigger books.

Yea pretty much

Idk, hindsight is always 20/20. I think what makes some of these books important is their timing, and I don’t think that can really be gauged any more than which NFL team will win the super bowl. I think you could make an argument that instead of picking books that have already been ordained, to a degree, as keys, maybe books that should have been keys then, but never really picked up, but in today’s market, probably would?

Batgirl #23B, Middleton cover, from 2018 was fire right from day 1.

Sure timing helps, but many books have been fueled by pub they get from online resources (YouTube, spec sites, apps, etc…) which increase prices sometimes artificially without the character really doing much. So I get his overall premise.

How do you know this? That’s like trying to predict what would have happened with Tom Brady’s career If any of the 31 teams that passed on him had drafted him.

Or if Moe Lewis of the Jets hadn’t knocked starting QB Drew Bledsoe into next week giving Brady his opportunity would he have ever seen then field?

I’m not one to dwell on woulda coulda shoulda.

Well it’s not just saying ‘what if?’. The point is that some of these books do have legs, and if an influencer gave them a nudge, I’m sure they’d be on fire.

I’m not sure how that’s a relevant comparison.

Books are moved and gain value due to more publicity. If more influencers talk about something it gets more exposure. More exposure equals more demand which equals higher prices.

It’s pretty self explanatory.

Now, they easily could be back down to nothing. But I think the point he was making stands.

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