Comics in Orlando

Ok CHUers. Where are the good comic shops in Orlando? I promise to only raid it the next week and a half. Then I return to the bold north.

I’ve checked out two coliseum of comics. Nice shops. Large back issue selection, and a ton of wall keys. But, fairly picked over, and even the recently hot keys are marked up. Not a ton of “finds”.

I haven’t been there to vouch for it firsthand, but I have had A Comic Shop recommended to me in the past. Yes, it’s literally called A Comic Shop.

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I’ve been to Coliseum and wasn’t impressed by their pricing but their inventory was good. There used to be a place called Trouble’s Little Sister but I’m not sure if it is still around. Small shop with really good prices.

Coliseum is definitely not a bargain shop. They are very well aware of trending keys and mark things up. I wouldn’t say the prices are unreasonable, but I’m hunting deals.

At least they’re priced prior to trying to check out I hope :wink: